Mel Tillis, Stuttering Country Singer

  In spite of stuttering from age three onward, Mel Tillis became a world-famous singer and songwriter, movie actor and television host.  He was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1976 and the Country Music Hal ...

By Gabe Mirkin, MD | November 22nd, 2017
HDL Cholesterol: a New Understanding

For many years HDL cholesterol has been called "good" because it carries plaque-forming particles from your arteries and bloodstream back to your liver where they can be removed from your body. An exciting new study from Texas Medical Cen ...

By Gabe Mirkin, MD | November 19th, 2017
Sugared Drinks and Diabetes

This year there is virtually complete agreement among doctors that sugared drinks cause the highest rises in blood sugar that cause a fatty liver that can lead to diabetes. • Endocrinologists reviewed 36 recent studies showing that taking jus ...

By Gabe Mirkin, MD | November 19th, 2017
Giacomo Casanova, the Great Lover

Casanova is defined in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as "a man who is a promiscuous and unscrupulous lover."   Near the end of his life in the 1790s, he wrote a 12-volume, 3,800-page autobiography claiming that he slept with ...

By Gabe Mirkin, MD | November 19th, 2017
New Study on Stents

A study published this week suggests that stents placed in arteries leading to the heart have not been shown to cure chest pain (Lancet, Nov 2, 2017). Placing stents in people who have heart pain from narrowed arteries and giving them medication is ...

By Gabe Mirkin, MD | November 12th, 2017
Exercise Helps People with Heart Disease

A recent study shows that stable angina patients who exercise are less likely to die from heart attacks (J Am Coll Cardiol, Oct 3, 2017;70(14):1689-1700). Stable angina means that you may or may not have chest discomfort or pain at rest, but pain o ...

By Gabe Mirkin, MD | November 12th, 2017
Leonard Bernstein's Asthma and Heart Failure

Orchestra conductors often live very long lives, but Leonard Bernstein died at the young age of 72 from a heart attack and severe lung damage, probably brought on by his excessive smoking, drinking and promiscuity. He was one of America’s g ...

By Gabe Mirkin, MD | November 12th, 2017
Flat Feet, Pigeon Toes and Bow Legs

Many of the world's great sprinters have flat feet. In the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, Bob Hayes tied the world record when he won the 100 meter dash, and five days later, he ran the anchor leg in the finals of the Olympic 400 meter relay. He took the ...

By Gabe Mirkin, MD | November 5th, 2017
Cancer Cells and Sugar

An exciting new study in yeast contributes to our understanding of the link between cancer cells and sugar (Nature Communications, Oct 13, 2017;8(1):922). Yeast cells, like cancer cells, get most of their energy from fermentation of sugar without n ...

By Gabe Mirkin, MD | November 5th, 2017
Isabella Karle's Nobel Prize Went to Her Husband

On October 3, 2017, Isabella Karle died of a brain tumor at age 95, four years after her husband, Nobel Prize winner Jerome Karle, died at age 94 of liver cancer. More than 70 years before their deaths, both were exposed to radiation when they wo ...

By Gabe Mirkin, MD | November 5th, 2017
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