3079 Intense exercise does not damage the heart 3048 Antibiotic for knee osteoarthritis 3047 Yogurt prevents diarrhea caused by taking antibiotics 3046 Nitrites: Why the DASH diet lowers high blood pressure 3044 HDL infusions to reverse arteriosclerosis 3036 Do you inherit diabetes? 3021 High-fructose corn syrup 3018 Fructose causes some cases of irritable bowel syndrome 3013 Minocycline for rheumatoid arthritis 2985 Antibiotics for Alzheimer's disease? 2982 New treatment for breast cancer 2976 How fluoride prevents cavities 2967 Carbohydrate plus protein increases endurance 2964 Testosterone gel for loss of libido 2581 Eat protein and plants for strong bones 2571 Diet as effective as drugs 2566 Periodontal disease 2562 Fish slows heart rate 2561 Homocysteine and loss of mental function 2558 Alcohol and athletic performance 2540 Iodine in vegetarians 2524 Mercury in vaccines does not cause autism 2523 Diabetic kidney damage reversible 2521 Mycoplasma resistant to doxycycline 2517 Local surgery for early breast cancer 2515 Mercury in fish less toxic 2514 Ghrelin and bypass surgery 2416 Salt when you exercise 2387 Prevention of athletic injuries 2375 Crohn's, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and MAP 2372 Sweetened drinks and obesity in children 2371 Inflammation blocks heart healthy diets 2370 Fitness prevents impotence 2369 Zinc causes prostate cancer? 2358 Genetics of cholesterol 2355 Specificity of bone strength 2354 Omega-3s and Alzheimer's disease 2353 Vitamin C protects against ulcer-causing bacteria 2351 Black cohosh 2350 Eating patterns and obesity 2349 Tight neckties linked to glaucoma risk 2347 Vitamin D and calcium to prevent, treat osteoporosis 2343 Happy people have more immunity to colds? 2339 Insulin resistance and hair loss in women 2333 Fed Trade Commissions stops ab machines 2332 PSA screening 2330 Cooked tomatoes prevent heart attacks 2329 Alcohol and diabetes 2328 Are fatty foods addictive? 2325 Diet lowers cholesterol as much as drugs 2323 Colon cleansers can cause low potassium 2322 Red meat and breast cancer 2317 FDA: new health claims 2313 The end of coral calcium? 2312 Diet and Parkinson's disease 2303 Overweight and Alzheimer's disease 2292 Postmenopausal testosterone increases desire 2291 Helicobacter prevents allergies 2288 E. coli syndrome 2286 Bicycling does not raise PSA 2283 Zinc causes prostate cancer? 2279 Vitamin D and diabetes 2278 Viagra and heart attacks 2274 Characteristics of supplement users 2272 Ezetimibe: new class of cholesterol-lowerers 2271 Do you need to drink water? 2244 Stop smoking 2224 Longevity associated with late menopause 2221 Exercise determines lack of obesity 2210 Monkeypox 2193 DASH diet natural diuretic effect 2190 Physical inactivity increases belly fat 2189 Fever 2169 Subclinical hypothyroidism 2163 Chitosan fails again 2160 Television and diabetes 2157 Fats do not raise cholesterol in young diabetics 2152 Exercisers need more fluids 2134 C Reactive Protein (CRP) 2125 Warm up your heart 2124 Omega-3's prevent heart attacks in diabetics 2110 Irregular periods in athletes 2103 How lack of muscle and obesity cause cancer 2092 Immunity and aging 2087 Low B12 levels associated with antacids 2074 C-reactive protein and inflammation 2073 Alpha lipoic acid for diabetics 2060 Cellasene for cellulite 2059 Meat does not cause breast cancer 2056 How muscles get stronger 2052 Vigorous exercise for children 2045 Hormones and breast cancer 2038 Mediterranean diet and rheumatoid arthritis 2033 Recovery from hard exercise 2028 Exercise-associated collapse 2020 Olive oil and heart attacks 2015 Tooth loss and heart attacks 2011 Well-done meat and colon cancer 1981 Dietary factors in urinary tract infections 1978 Sublingual/ nasal immunization for allergies 1966 Breakfast improves mental function 1959 Alcohol lowers CRP 1836 Diet to lower cholesterol 1833 Multiple venereal diseases 1832 Post rape antibiotics 1825 Massage and delayed onset muscle soreness 1813 Exercise to delay aging 1812 Heart attacks and inflammation 1804 Synvisc injections for arthritis of the knee 1786 High blood sugar linked to lost memory 1777 Hot flushes of menopause 1775 Chocolate and the heart 1774 Estrogen creams 1769 Exercise in later life prevents heart attacks 1762 Exercise and growth hormone 1755 Eosinophils, chronic sinus infections & asthma 1754 Depression and heart attacks 1736 Aspirin interferes with training 1732 Testosterone relief for some male depression 1729 Starvation prevents colon cancer 1720 Muscle side effects of statins 1716 Exercise when you are older 1715 Fish oils lower high blood pressure 1706 Prostate cancer and insulin levels 1685 CMV and heart attacks 1684 Eating fish prevents stroke 1683 Lack of exercise kills 1680 Salt restriction does not lower high blood pressure very much 1678 How lack of exercise shortens lives 1670 Micheline Ostermeyer 1659 Restless legs syndrome 1657 Extra salt for exercisers 1656 Diet and high blood pressure 1655 Chelated minerals supplements not better 1651 Coffee and clear thinking 1650 High soy modest cholesterol-lowering benefit 1644 Muscle strength determines bone strength 1643 Lifestyle cures high blood pressure 1642 The current treatment of diabetes 1630 Nuts reduced risk of diabetes 1629 Doxycycline treats heart disease 1617 Grapes prevent heart attacks 1611 Side stitch 1610 High triglycerides predict heart attacks 1609 Training is specific 1603 Acid/alkaline theory of disease is nonsense 1602 CRP predicts heart attack 1598 Older runners appear to postpone disability 1597 Carbonated drinks do not cause ulcers 1594 Imiquimod 5% cream 1593 Exercise prevents side effects of diabetes 1592 Exercise during pregnancy 1587 Salt during a race? 1583 Prostate cancer in African Americans is vit D, not high testosterone 1582 Fatigue not necessary for strength gains 1581 Vitamins do not treat breast cancer 1580 Duct tape for warts 1577 Positive mental attitude does not affect cancer survival 1557 Screening for prostate cancer does not save lives 1556 Yeast infection normal in women 1555 Who is prediabetic? 1551 Eating fish cuts risk of dementia 1550 How to start an exercise program 1538 Tap water to irrigate wounds 1514 HPV: who gets cervical cancer? 1512 Antioxidants to prevent heart attacks 1511 Hydration can reduce fainting 1509 Uric acid predicts high blood pressure 1499 Breast cancer and diet 1498 Exercise for osteoarthritis 1496 Abdominal obesity and high blood pressure 1494 Statins to prevent Alzheimer's disease 1480 Weightlifting causes more damage than endurance exercise 1476 Bob Hayes' flat feet 1474 Omega-3 help control Crohn's disease 1473 Mercury poisoning from dental fillings? 1470 Best time to start training? 1457 Germs early in life prevent asthma 1451 Raw food: don't destroy the enzymes? 1450 Polycystic ovary syndrome associated with precocious puberty 1439 Whole grains prevent diabetes 1434 Prostate cancer treatment 1433 Eat like a caveman? 1432 Exercise intensity does not prevent heart attacks? 1427 UTIs in adolescents are venereal diseases 1421 When do you get HPV? 1420 Handgrip finds damaged hearts 1411 How exercise may reduce heart attacks 1405 A new treatment for warts 1402 PCO worsened by birth control pills 1401 Killing helicobacter does not cause Barrett's esophagus 1400 Sudden graying of the hair 1398 Exercise recovery is faster with rest 1395 Eating while watching tv makes you fat 1394 Stretching does not prevent muscle soreness 1382 Growth hormone and muscle strength 1381 Male hormones for women 1379 Youthful pitchers 1378 Health benefit of older homes 1365 Whole grains prevent heart attacks 1364 Oats lower cholesterol more than wheat 1362 Melasma 1361 Gingko biloba does not improve memory 1360 Vitamin E does not prevent blindness, worsens colds 1353 Food preservative may be acne fighter 1350 Consuming more calories and risk of Alzheimer's 1348 Obesity is inherited 1347 Weight loss in older people, look for cancer 1346 What causes muscle soreness? 1337 Lack of vitamin D causes cancer 1335 Cranberry juice and urinary infections 1333 Whole grains prevent diabetes and obesity 1332 Prostate supplements not what they claim to be 1328 Erotomania 1322 Pyloric stenosis 1321 E. coli syndrome in women 1320 Postmenopausal hot flushes 1314 Blood tests for heart attacks 1301 Doctors do not diagnose or treat PCO 1299 Niacin treats diabetes and cholesterol 1294 Vitamins do not prevent heart attacks 1292 Passengers on planes get more colds 1287 Plants are full of phytochemicals 1286 Treatment of uterine fibroids 1280 Peripheral artery disease 1279 Botulinum toxin and gastroparesis 1275 Resistant starches prevent colon cancer 1273 Bonking 1270 Caffeine during competition 1269 Viagra and other drugs 1267 Clarithromycin to treat late onset asthma 1265 Nuts prevent heart deaths 1264 Rickets in African American children 1262 Eating during exercise makes you more alert 1259 Arthroscopic knee surgery is usually useless 1258 Large doses of vitamins A,C, E not prevent heart attacks 1257 Estrogen-progesterone does not prevent heart attacks 1256 Napping makes you smart 1254 Treatment of chronic sinusitis 1249 Small at birth and big at eight 1243 Male pattern baldness and prostate cancer 1241 A new treatment for Peyronie's disease 1240 Desmopressin and bedwetting 1239 Cod liver oil and arthritis 1237 Female sexual dysfunction 1235 Wrong to restrict water in hot weather 1233 Depression in women 1228 Viagra for women 1226 Is it time for antibiotics for arteriosclerosis? 1225 C-reactive protein and sudden death 1224 Sunscreens 1221 Heart attack: check for diabetes 1220 Acrylamide 1213 Why so much cancer in African Americans? 1212 Allicin in garlic 1206 Abdominal fat and breast cancer 1203 Cocaine and heat stroke 1200 Viagra does not cause heart attacks 1198 Heat stroke 1196 Early treatment of rheumatoid arthritis better 1192 HHS plans to study ephedra 1190 Use of soy to prevent night sweats 1189 Exercises for arthritis 1183 Scientists blast antiaging medicine 1181 Muscles and diet 1172 Acrylamide 1165 Lack of B12 and memory loss 1161 Eating before exercising? 1159 Why conducting an orchestra makes you fit 1152 Morning activity raises blood pressure 1150 Mycoplasma and heart damage 1149 Homocysteine 1148 Statins cause nerve damage 1147 Cooking and human evolution 1146 Anabolic steroids 1144 Total body scans 1143 Mamo Wolde 1133 Ghrelin to cure obesity 1127 How a fat belly causes diabetes 1114 Electronic ab machines do not work 1110 Housework does not make you fit 1101 Dementia of old age 1095 Glucophage/ polycystic ovary syndrome 1093 Glucosamine does not block arthritic pain 1091 T'ai Chi for older people 1085 Protopic treats vitiligo 1084 Flaxseeds, cholesterol and bone density 1082 Wives of heart attack at increased risk also 1080 Estrogen lowers homocysteine 1078 Antibiotics kill viruses 1075 Breath test as effective as endoscopy in H. pylori detection 1074 Vitamin D and muscle function 1073 Colchicine for osteoarthritis 1072 Body odor 1071 Napping: treatment for midday slump 1069 What to do during a lightning storm 1064 Asymptomatic men can spread chlamydia 1062 Hematuria after making love 1061 Penicillin allergy 1058 No such thing as spot reduction 1057 Age of menopause 1055 Homocysteine in vegetarians 1054 Drinks for exercise 1050 Temperature during exercise 1049 The real meaning of fitness 1048 Nocturia in older men 1045 Lactobacillus to treat diarrhea in children 1042 Drugs that raises homocysteine 1027 Infection causes pre-term labor 1026 Iron deficiency without anemia impairs exercise 1023 Medium chain triglyceride and weight loss 1022 Dietary causes of prostate hyperplasia 1019 Circumcision 1014 Treat women with blocked tubes with antibiotics 1013 Hot flushes of menopause 1011 Pamidronate cures ankylosing spondylitis 1009 Green tea consumption and cholesterol 1008 High cholesterol causes low testosterone 1005 Kava 1004 Use niacin and lipitor 1003 Eczema responds equally to potent or mild therapy 1002 Testosterone and sexuality in aging men 1001 Growth hormone for normal short children 1000 Glycerol improves endurance on hot days (note: reports numbered in the 1000's are more recent than those in the 9000's -- to avoid 5-digit numbers.) 9997 Chewable antacids better than swallowed tablets for controlling heartburn 9993 Dietary fat cause diabetes? 9991 Fish oils treat depression 9984 Cooked carrots more nutritious 9983 Daily aspirin may help ward off prostate cancer 9982 Dental amalgams do not cause 9980 Butylated hydroxytoluene 9979 Post-menopause heart attacks 9976 Douching 9975 Alcohol weakens bones 9974 Cholesterol lowering drugs cause impotence 9972 Sleep apnea and carbohydrate intolerance 9966 Avoiding overtraining 9964 Homocysteine causes clots 9963 Sloping roads cause running injuries 9962 Keloids: scars 9958 Drinking during pregnancy 9957 Chocolate prevents heart attacks? 9956 Enforcement, food labeling and nutrition 9949 Lack of infection causes allergies 9942 How much water do you need? 9941 Catch a cold 9936 Chlamydia causes asthma 9935 TV viewing causes obesity 9934 Nongonococal urethritis 9931 Estrogen causes yeast infections 9929 Heavy marijuana users show memory loss 9928 Spermicide nonoxynol-9 does not protect against STD's 9924 The best time to start training 9923 90 percent of Americans suffer high blood pressure 9919 A new way to treat osteoporosis 9918 Radon gas 9917 Lack of folic acid and Parkinson's disease 9916 Phytoestrogens to treat kidney disease 9915 Fish oils and rheumatoid arthritis 9914 Chlamydia causes infertility 9913 Body wrapping and the cold receptor 9912 Almost all diabetics develop high BP 9911 Diet prevents diabetes 9908 Fish oils prevent premature birth 9907 Cervical cancer from one partner 9902 Speed, not junk miles. 9900 Margarine or butter? 9899 Prevention of diabetes 9898 Whole grains cereals prevent heart attacks 9897 Caffeine blocks insulin 9896 Impotence in diabetic males 9894 Alzheimer's disease and homocysteine 9892 Probiotics help prevent eczema 9891 Chris Klug, Olympian 9890 Gonorrhea, chlamydia undiagnosed 9889 Viagra safe for men with heart disease 9887 Highest blood sugar damages arteries 9886 Abdominal fat causes heart attacks 9883 Pronated flat feet 9882 Infection causes infertility 9877 Muscle stimulating machines 9875 Honey is not more healthful than sugar 9873 Vitamin D and muscle weakness in old people 9860 Drug treatment for cholesterol 9859 Premature ejaculation 9857 Cold food won't help you lose weight 9849 Pegylated interferon for hepatitis C 9847 Source of trans fats is bakery products 9841 PPAR gamma and prostate cancer 9836 The meaning of fitness 9834 Health bars often mislabeled 9833 Sesame oil for nasal congestion 9831 Death of Zachary Taylor 9830 Heterocyclic amines (HAAS) 9829 Probiotics and prebiotics 9828 Diets that cause gall stones 9827 Fruit juice is not a health food 9822 Low-calcium diet causes kidney stones 9819 Do ankle weights help you run faster? 9818 Jumping rope 9811 Colon cleansers 9803 Nasal bands for exercisers 9802 Fitness prevents absenteeism 9801 Who gets Alzheimer's disease 9799 Farmers less allergic than city people 9797 Why you feel sleepy after eating 9796 Stress increase need for vitamins? 9792 Don't take ibuprofen before aspirin 9787 One day's meal: heart attack 9778 Exhaustive exercise and sexuality 9776 Black cohosh and Lydia Pinkham 9774 Folic acid and Alzheimer's disease 9773 Colloidal silver 9769 Exercising too much can harm sexuality 9768 Will making love help you to lose weight 9765 Multiple partners 9763 Fish oils reduce inflammation 9760 How do you get helicobacter? 9655 Prepare for skiing when there's no snow 9645 Short legs more likely to suffer heart attacks 9643 Doctors are afraid to change: Coumadin and aspirin 9642 Men lose it with aging 9639 Runner's knee 9638 High body temperature during exercise 9629 Salt increases urine volume 9624 Steroid supplements 9623 Tennis elbow 9622 Don't restrict food during pregnancy 9620 Stress and recover 9619 Cooling down after exercising 9617 Large doses of vitamins can cause heart attacks 9613 Veiled women and lack of vitamin D 9612 Muscle strength with aging 9611 Impotence and cycling 9610 Zinc neither prevents nor treats colds 9605 How chlamydia harms 9601 Blood type 9600 Diabetics should not eat too much fat 9599 Trans fats and type II diabetes 9570 Lack of vitamin D causes juvenile diabetes 9566 Glycemic load 9562 Exercise and breast cancer 9561 Early puberty 9560 Chronic prostatitis 9553 Inflammation causes heart attacks 9548 Lifting weights for bone strength 9542 High blood pressure and heart attacks 9538 Marathons do not cause heart attacks 9534 What do centenarians eat? 9527 High blood sugar after meals causes heart attacks 9525 Obese women eat more sugar 9522 Dietary restriction in rats 9521 Prostate cancer 9518 Stop giving antibiotics to livestock 9516 Night work/breast cancer 9511 Allergies caused by lack of infection? 9510 Treat herpes immediately 9507 Stop taking fasting blood sugar levels 9505 Electromagnetic fields and cancer 9502 Not so bad to have flat feet 9496 Lack of exercise causes aging 9494 Anthrax - listen to 2 NEW audio clips: 9484 Good bacteria to prevent bad ones 9483 Ratio of n-6/n-3 fatty acids 9477 Low cholesterol may be harmful 9476 Black tea and arterial disease 9475 Dietary causes of prostate cancer 9469 Chlamydia and late-onset asthma 9468 Exercise when your muscles are sore? 9466 Fasting will not improve endurance 9460 A test for infertility in men 9459 High sugar levels and heart attacks 9458 Fats and diabetes risk 9456 Carbonated drinks do not cause osteoporosis 9454 Coffee raises homocysteine and cholesterol 9453 No way to grow taller 9452 How lack of exercise shortens lives 9439 Breast cancer is not caused by bras 9438 Enzyme pills not what they claim 9436 Reflux needs antibiotics 9431 Vitamin D prevents prostate cancer 9429 Premature ejaculation: infection? 9421 Exercise raises HDL and lowers hip/abdomen ratio 9419 Nasal dilators/ athletic performance 9418 Super slow training 9416 Gluten lowers cholesterol 9413 Cycling and impotence 9410 Benign prostatic hypertrophy, high insulin? 9405 Probiotics: good bacteria to prevent disease 9400 Soy-based formula 30 years later 9398 Spousal support for exercise 9396 Effect of hard exercise on semen 9390 Handwashing prevents colds 9389 Fasting harms performance 9388 Why diabetics must exercise 9387 Prevent diabetes 9384 Antioxidants can harm 9378 Chlamydia causes asthma 9377 Skin creams may harm 9374 Sea salt and kosher salt 9373 Young children with awkward running form 9370 Take your pulse during exercise? 9369 Exercising after eating 9365 Alternate sports or do both at the same time? 9364 Smoking causes colon cancer 9362 Plant estrogens 9360 Omega-3s 9359 Cholesterol absorption 9355 Chile peppers keep you cool 9354 Chelated minerals supplements not better 9353 Estrogen does not prevent heart attacks 9351 People lie about their exercise 9350 Tamoxifen for breast cancer 9349 Salt restriction causes diabetes in susceptible people 9347 Carbohydrates 9344 Bike better than running for older people 9341 Can eye exercises improve vision? 9338 Yeast infections 9337 Stopping estrogen causes loss of bone 9331 Yogurt protects diabetics 9328 Acid food theory is nonsense 9325 Napping: the treatment for midday slump 9324 Heart works harder in hot weather 9322 Do muscles turn to fat? 9320 C-section after c-section 9318 Compression for muscle soreness 9314 Topical laquer for warts and fungus nails 9313 Infection and sciatica 9311 Lack of folic acid and cervical cancer 9310 Smoking causes impotence 9309 Why DASH diet lowers high blood pressure 9308 Helmets protect soccer players 9306 Eat your fruits & veggies in pills? 9304 Menstruation affects athletic performance 9301 Condoms and herpes 9298 Testing for heart attacks 9297 Beef does not raise cholesterol 9296 Cholesterol lowering diet can cause osteoporosis 9289 Fatty fish and prostate cancer 9288 Soy causes cancer? 9282 Cartilage to treat rheumatoid arthritis 9275 Probiotics 9274 Lifting weights won't make you musclebound 9273 Cell phones and brain cancer 9271 Orthotics 9270 Premature ejaculation 9266 Perineal massage for labor 9263 Drinks for exercise 9262 High blood pressure with lifting weights 9261 Damaged hearts heal 9260 False claims for Synthroid 9258 What is lactic acid? 9254 Age of menopause 9248 Stanols to lower cholesterol 9244 High blood pressure and drugs/impotence 9243 Alarming increase in genital herpes 9241 Why weight lifters need endurance 9240 Yawning to wake you up and let you sleep 9239 Should diabetics drink alcohol? 9238 Arthritis in former athletes 9237 How red wine prevents heart attacks 9235 Thalidomide for cancers 9234 Multiple Sclerosis 9233 Testosterone to older men 9231 Placebos 9229 Why wear socks during exercise? 9228 Slow heart rate good? 9227 Napping is best 9225 Juice is not a health food 9223 Accutane safer than you think 9222 Venereal diseases in older people 9218 Folic acid and Alzheimer's disease 9216 Imiquimod cures skin cancer without scarring 9215 Creatine to make muscles stronger 9212 Plant estrogens and breast cancer 9208 Athletes collapse on a hot day 9206 How to tell if a person can run fast 9204 Nose breathing during exercise 9202 Sit ups for belly strength 9201 Isometric exercise 9196 Why it's so difficult to cure venereal diseases 9195 Omega-3s prevent kidney damage in diabetics 9192 Strength training makes you faster 9191 Strength training is specific 9189 Older people get hurt when they run 9188 Afternoon tiredness 9186 Making breasts larger 9184 Reflux Surgery has high failure rate 9182 Hysterectomy yes!, but leave the ovaries 9180 Red yeast rice 9176 Exercise recovery is faster with rest 9174 Natural progesterone creams 9172 Diabetes prevented by lifestyle changes 9168 Using a stationary bicycle to climb stairs 9167 How to pedal a bicycle 9166 Salt and high blood pressure 9163 Use of T3 thyroid hormone to treat depression 9162 How exercise affects cholesterol 9160 Beware taking large doses of antioxidant vitamins 9157 Jellyfish stings 9156 Maximum heart rate formula is wrong 9155 Late-onset asthma caused by chlamydia and mycoplasma 9154 Low-dose birth control pills not increase heart attack 9150 Ginger for nausea of pregnancy 9149 Late-onset asthma 9142 Too many tonsillectomies and ear tubes 9140 How to prevent injuries 9139 Who wins bodybuilding contests? 9135 Best diet to lower cholesterol? 9134 Wilson's syndrome 9132 Kleptomania: obsessive-compulsive disease? 9130 Low-undigestible Starch diet causes colon cancer 9129 Cox-2 Inhibitors prevent cancer 9127 Another reason for a child to keep his tonsils 9126 Madison avenue causes eating disorders 9123 Whipple's disease 9121 Rickets 9120 Mercury in fish 9118 Apples and pears 9117 How should prostate cancer be treated? 9111 Lactobacilli prevent allergies 9109 Garlic prevents heart attacks? 9108 Birth control pills cause cervical cancer? 9105 Why need salt during exercise 9104 Risk for breast cancer 9103 How incline affects treadmill running 9099 T'ai Chi for arthritis 9097 Fat belly increases risk for diabetes, heart attacks 9095 Cause of irritable bowel syndrome 9094 Mycoplasma and chlamydia cause arthritis 9091 DASH diet 9088 Weeds for future medicines 9087 Digitalis 9086 Apples for your heart 9085 How much protein do you need? 9084 Don't need to take your pulse during exercise 9083 Multiple partners/multiple venereal diseases 9082 Diagnosing diabetes 9081 Treatment of spread prostate cancer 9078 High blood pressure/aldosterone 9076 Trans fatty acids 9075 How saturated fats cause heart attacks 9073 Chronic strep infections and toothbrushes 9072 Estrogen and ovarian cancer 9071 Eating the night before competition 9070 Impotence and heart attacks 9069 Preparing for baseball 9068 Slow lifting 9066 How to do the most pushups 9065 Another cause of stomach ulcers 9064 Cycling injuries in older people 9063 Unexplained weight loss 9062 What's the best exercise drink? 9056 Dietary fat worsens diabetes 9054 Chlamydia causes sore throats in children? 9051 Vioxx and Celebrex increase heart attacks? 9050 How you get helicobacter 9048 Low back pain caused by blocked blood vessels 9044 Prepubertal exercise prevents osteoporosis 9041 Theory on the cause of prostate cancer 9038 Plants prevent disease 9037 Celebrex and Vioxx for aspirin sensitivity 9029 Nasal dilators and athletic performance 9026 Do athletes need more potassium? 9011 Bed rest 9010 Proper running form 9009 Exercise can't hurt a healthy heart 9006 Best age to start training 9005 Wax on apples 9001 Hair dyes cause bladder cancer? 8998 Rapid heart rate 8989 How low-fat diets can harm you 8988 Nasal polyps 8985 Increase in diabetes in North America 8983 Exercise to stand tall 8980 Riding a tandem 8979 Hot tubs and whirlpools 8974 High incidence of chlamydia 8971 Soft drinks cause obesity in children 8970 Patrick Henry's wife and omega-3 postpartum depression 8969 How to warm up 8966 Good bacteria to prevent disease 8965 Diets that cause gall stones 8964 What is second wind? 8963 Strength training makes you faster 8962 Cranberry tablets may cause kidney stones 8961 Varicoceles and hydroceles 8959 Germinated barley ulcerative colitis 8956 Recumbent bikes 8955 Alzheimer's disease and heart attacks 8954 Can cold weather freeze your lungs? 8953 Flat feet are good for you 8952 Thyroid hormones not for weight loss 8951 Train faster to race better 8949 Chlamydia hard to cure 8942 Chewing and walking reduce stomach acidity 8941 Vitamin D and muscle strength 8938 Ephedrine and stroke 8936 Bras and breasts 8935 Fat is beautiful when food is scarce 8934 Temperature during exercise 8933 Exercising after eating 8923 Honey not more healthful than sugar 8922 Prostate biopsy, not so benign 8921 Sacroiliitis (Back Pain): treat with exercise 8918 Stationary bike to climb stairs 8916 Omega-3 fatty acids prevent heart attacks 8913 Zinc, oysters and potency 8908 Criminals have low cholesterols? 8907 Ankle weights won't help you run faster 8906 Cooling down after a workout 8903 The real meaning of fitness 8902 Glucosamine safe? Effective? 8901 Why humans are obese 8900 Lecithin 8899 Omega-3 fatty acids and disease 8897 Cyclic vomiting 8892 HDL cholesterol prevents heart attacks 8891 Resting after hard exercise 8889 Safe to exercise when pregnant 8888 Preventing heart attacks 8887 Skim or whole milk 8886 Athletic supporters not needed during exercise 8885 Alternate sports or both at the same time? 8884 Helicobacter causes vitamin B12 deficiency 8883 Passive exercise won't make you fit 8882 Treatment for Peyronie's disease 8875 Omega-6 fatty acids cause hay fever 8874 Lifting weights strengthens bones 8871 Wine prevents heart attacks 8870 Does too much protein cause osteoporosis? 8869 Intensity makes you more fit 8868 Allicin in garlic 8867 Hysterectomy: leave the ovaries 8866 Eggs do not cause heart attacks 8865 Lifting weights won't make you musclebound 8863 Skin cancer 8862 How to walk faster 8854 Saccharin does not cause cancer 8851 Chlamydia may cause temporal arteritis 8848 Are dogs more likely to bite when the moon is full? 8847 Too much animal protein causes osteoporosis 8846 What's the most healthful diet? 8845 How to become strong 8844 Exercise recovery is faster with rest 8843 Herbals 8842 Shampoos to cure baldness 8841 Miles of cycling vs running? 8839 DASH plus low-salt diet 8837 Glucophage to help people lose weight 8836 Polycystic ovary syndrome 8834 Slowly digestible carbohydrates 8832 Lovemaking and athletic performance 8831 Body odor 8830 Dry mouth 8829 Should you breathe through your nose? 8828 Hair analysis 8827 Chlamydia causes cervical cancer 8826 Vaginal size and sexual function 8825 Grover's disease 8824 Excitement causes heart attacks 8823 Warming up does not prevent muscle soreness 8822 Crohn's disease is caused by infection 8820 Alcoholism 8818 Dangers of shoveling snow 8816 Cell phones safe 8815 Coffee can cause miscarriages 8813 Chicken and meat 8812 Neurotransmitters 8811 Marijuana can cause infertility 8810 Birth weight affects adult health 8809 Exercise raises growth hormone levels 8807 Booze blockers 8806 Drugs during pregnancy 8805 Helmets save lives 8804 Starvation in uterus causes heart attacks 8800 DHEA for aging 8798 No such thing as spot reduction 8797 Analgesic balms do not heal injuries 8796 Homocysteine in vegetarians 8795 Prepare for skiing when there's no snow 8793 Hypothermia 8792 Frostbite II 8791 Frostbite 8790 Early puberty 8786 When is a woman fertile? 8785 Antibiotics for all belching and burning 8784 Heavy meals may trigger heart attacks 8782 Orange juice raises HDL cholesterol 8781 Nanobacteria may not exist 8775 The discovery of BLYS and a cure for one type of cancer 8774 Alphahydroxy acids cause skin aging 8773 Pacifiers and middle ear infections 8772 If less is best, don't take anything at all 8771 Postpartum depression is not emotional 8770 How sprouted grains help prevent IBS 8768 Shingles and post-herpetic neuralgia 8766 Chlamydia causing temporal arteritis 8762 Antibiotics to treat arthritis 8759 Explain every disease 8758 Triac warning from FDA 8756 How to raise good HDL cholesterol 8755 Training for competition vs fitness 8752 Growth hormone and aging 8751 Tonsillectomy 8749 Cholesterol drugs prevent Alzheimer's disease 8745 Periodontal gum disease and heart attacks 8744 Promiscuity raises immunity 8743 Dumping syndrome 8742 How refined carbohydrates can harm you 8741 Chronic prostatitis can be cured-replaced by M156 8739 Typhoid Mary would have cancer 8738 Androstenedione strength 8735 The despicable Dr. Julius Reiter 8734 Phenylpropanolamine 8733 A comfortable bike seat! 8732 Natural not necessarily safe 8731 Quacks who become pdophets 8730 Heart disease drop in women 8728 Depression does not cause heart attacks 8727 Yoyoing kills 8725 Fats and heart attacks? 8724 Eva Peron and cervical cancer 8723 Depression and heart attacks 8722 Economy class syndrome 8721 Asthma is caused by infection 8718 Use of T3 thyroid hormone to treat depression 8717 Misinformation about sex 8716 Milk is not a health food 8715 Phenylpropanolamine 8713 Diet and the pain of rheumatoid arthritis 8712 Eat meat and lift weights to enlarge muscles 8710 Fish oils prevent heart attacks? 8708 Crosstransference 8705 Hand washing 8702 Health bars 8701 Osteoporosis: latest research 8700 Principles of training 8699 Juicers 8698 HBA1C, not fasting blood sugar 8697 Water vs Sports Drink for Athletes? 8696 Venereal Diseases That Can't Be Cured 8695 Early Puberty 8693 Lack of Selenium and Cancer 8691 Baseball Players and Chewing Tobacco 8690 Ludwig van Beethoven 8689 Prudent Diet 8688 How Exercise Helps You Lose Weight 8687 Riding a Tandem 8684 Stanol Esters to Lower Cholesterol 8677 Prepubertal Training and Growth 8676 You Should Get Your Flu Shot This Year 8675 Anabolic Steroids to Make You Stronger 8670 Postpartum depression 8661 Wart Virus Usually Does Not Cause Cancer 8656 Male-pattern Baldness 8647 Low Glycemic Diet Prevents and Treats 8635 DHEA For Aging Women 8630 Preventing Intestinal Gas 8623 How to Jump Higher 8622 Which Runners Are Injured Most? 8621 Tropical Oils - Safer than You Think 8619 Irritable Bowel Caused by Sugar 8614 Plant and Dairy Diet Lowers HBP(DASH Diet) 8612 Pooled Sperm Counts 8611 Gelatin Won't Strengthen Nails 8610 Healthful Food Fallacy 8609 Fasting Harms Performance 8608 Intense Training for Older People 8607 Are Water Purifiers Safe? 8606 Protecting Yourself from Lightning Strikes 8605 Hard Exercise for Young Children 8603 Stress and Recover 8599 New Treatment for Psoriasis 8592 Testosterone When Ovaries are Removed 8591 Exercise in a Bottle 8585 Caffeine in Soft Drinks 8584 Bicycling Does Not Weaken Bones 8583 Acne Rosacea 8576 Apples and Pears 8575 When to Start Estrogen - FSH 8574 Restrict Refined Carbs and Fat to Lower HBP 8572 Zofran Treats Alcoholism 8571 Temporal Arteritis 8570 Conjugated Linoleic Acid 8569 Asthma Not Prevented by Infections 8568 Sex after a Heart Attack? 8567 Diabetes epidemic 8565 Asthma Caused by Lack of Infections? 8564 Americans Suffer from Lack of Vitamin D 8561 The Graham Cracker 8559 St John's Wort Drug Interactions 8557 Fish Oil and Lipids 8556 Diabetics Need to Exercise 8555 Mecamylamine and Smoking 8552 Brahms Had Sleep Apnea 8551 Growth Hormone Releasing Supplement? 8550 Aspirin Helps You Recover From Exercise? 8549 Eat to Recover 8548 Blue Green Algae (Spirolina) 8543 Chelation Not Prevent Heart Attacks 8541 Using Breast Feeding to Prevent Pregnancy 8539 Your liver does not need to be detoxified 8538 Skin Creams Can't Deliver 8537 How to Tell If a Person Can Run Fast 8533 Temporal Arteritis 8529 Causes of Chronic Fatigue in Athletes 8528 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 8527 Functional Foods 8526 The Cave Man Diet 8525 Cellulite 8524 Tubal Sterlization Prevents Ovarian Cancer 8523 Coordination and aging 8519 Why Low-calorie Diets Fail 8516 How to Enlarge Your Breasts 8515 Why World Records Keep on Improving 8514 Honey More Healthful than Sugar? 8513 Achilles Tendinitis 8512 Aging and Exercise 8511 Tonsils and Adenoids 8510 Heat Stroke 8509 Should Basketball Players Run Long Distances? 8507 Cadence in Running 8503 Cancer Is Environmental 8502 Tennis Elbow 8501 Sex Before Competition 8499 Viagra for Women 8497 Advanced Glycation End Products 8496 Does Menustruation Affect Athletic Performance 8494 Prerace Meal 8490 Ideal Diet for Diabetic 8476 A Cure for Pityriasis Rosea 8475 Skin Cancers Can Be Cured with a Cream 8474 Training for Hot-weather Competition 8472 Gelatin Doesn't Cure Brittle Nails 8471 High Glycemic Index Foods Cause Heart Attacks 8470 Yeast Infections Update W175 8469 How Low-fat Diets Can Make You Fat 8468 The Genetic Code 8467 Dangerous to Let a Single Food Claim it Prevents Disease 8466 Vitamin Advertising In JAMA 8465 Athletic Supporters Not Needed During Exercise 8464 Male-pattern Baldness 8463 Eating the Night Before Competition 8462 Should You Exercise in Air Pollution 8461 Nibble or gorge? 8460 A Comfortable Bike Seat 8459 Cholesterol-lowering Drugs Treat Osteoporosis 8458 When to Start Estrogen: Rise in FSH 8457 Cadence in Running 8445 Treatment of Multiple Warts 8438 Juicers 8432 New (Old) Treatment to Stop Smoking 8427 Cure for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome 8424 Soybeans: Too Much of a Good Thing 8418 Safe Way to Take Calcium 8416 People with O Blood Types Get More Stomach Ulcers 8412 Breast Cancer and Insulin 8410 Fasting Morning Blood Sugar No Longer That Important 8407 Antibiotics for Infertility - Update W128 8398 Chronic Sinusitis, Nasal Polyps; Fungus Infections 8396 Dioxin and Cancer 8394 Macadamia Nuts Lower Cholesterol 8393 Salt and High Blood Pressure 8392 What Should a Pregant Women Eat 8391 Gain 20-40 Pounds During Pregnancy 8390 A New Treatment for Psoriasis 8389 Are Cell Phones Safe? 8388 Soluble Fiber Controls Diabetes 8387 DHA for Tanning 8386 Helicobacter Causes Vitamin B12 Deficiency 8382 You Should Be Afraid to Have Casual Sex 8381 Low-fat Vegetarian Diet and Cholesterol 8377 Ephedra 8376 Can Your Cholesterol Be Too Low? 8373 Pollen Can Kill 8369 Estrogen Replacement Helps Postmenopausal Women to Exercise 8366 Federal Trade Commission Blocks Fraudulent Claims 8365 DHEA Prevents Thinning of Skin and Bones and Loss of Libido in Aging Women 8364 Resistant Starches Prevent Colon Cancer 8363 Arteriosclerosis Is Reversible 8362 Vitamin D May Prevent Prostate Cancer 8361 Fat Bellies Cause Diabetes and Heart Attacks 8360 Viagra and Heart Attacks 8352 The New Testosterone Gel 8351 PSA Measures Infection 8350 Ureaplasma Can Cuase Chronic Urinary Tract Infections in Women 8348 THe Latest Consensus on Helicobacter 8347 Walnuts Prevent Heart Attacks? 8342 Erin Brockovich 8341 Sports Drinks 8340 Drugs of Choice for High Blood Pressure 8339 Lifting Weights to Lower Blood Pressure 8335 High Glycemic Index Diet 8334 Does Milk Cause Prostate Cancer? 8333 Bleeding Gums and Heart Attacks 8330 How to Prevent Vaginal Infections 8326 Testosterone for Older Men 8322 Beta Blockers And Alpha Blockers 8321 Agent Orange Does Not Cause Diabetes 8320 More on Infections Causing Heart Attacks 8319 THe New Drug Lotronex to Treat IBS 8318 Herpes: More Common Than You Think 8316 Juices Are Not Health Foods 8315 Avoid Fat and Refined Carbohydrates to Lose Weight - 4/3/00 8313 Breakthrough to Cure Asthma 8310 Alpha Lipoic Acid Treat And Prevent Diabetic Neuropathy - 4/3/00 8308 Vaginal Yeast Infections 8307 Prostatitis 8304 Recall Dietary Studies Are Unreliable 8292 Saturated/hydrogenated fats raise LDL cholesterol 8291 Yogurt Lowers Cholesterol 8290 Lack of Infections Causes Allergy 8289 Dietary Treatment for Psoriasis 8288 Older People May Need Vitamin D Pills 8287 Soy Prevents Prostate Cancer 8286 Tibolone after Menopause? 8279 Lactobacillus to Protect the Colon 8273 How to Interpret Cholesterol Values 8272 Daytime Sleepiness Increases Risk: Heart Attacks - 3/21/00 8268 Exercise Helps You to Live Longer - 3/21/00 8262 Chocolate Is Candy, Not Medicine 8261 Fast Heart Rate Increases Risk for Heart Attacks 8260 Permanent Weight Loss 8259 Diet Mat Treat Schizophrenia and Depression 8256 Androstenedione, DHEA and Athletes 8254 Lifting Weights Make Bones Stronger 8246 Premenstrual Syndrome 8242 Alzheimer's Disease 8241 How Coffee Causes Heart Attacks 8240 Prevent Osteoporosis by Exercising as You Age 8233 Tick Bites 8231 Violence and Athletes 8225 Hirsutism(Women with Too Much Hair) 8221 Strength Training Not Improve Cycle 8220 Late-night Exercise Not Disturb Sleep 8216 Estrogen and Breast Cancer Risk 8215 Raynaud's Phenomenon/nitric Oxide 8214 Perinal Massage for Prevention of Trauma at Childbirth 8213 Fish Oils Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis? 8211 Estrogen Cream and Pills Prevent Wrinkling 8210 Resveratrol in Wine Prevents Heart Attacks? 8209 Estrogen Does Not Increase Breast Cancer in Obese Women 8208 Prolactinoma 8206 Exercise Increases Risk for Testicular Cancer 8205 Polyunsaturated Fats 8203 Fibromyalgia, CFS, TMJ, IBS, Interstitial Cystitis and Chronic Headaches 8202 Male hair loss and heart attacks 8200 Partially Hydrogenated Fats in Fast Foods 8198 Doctors Cannot Cure All Venereal Diseases 8196 What Causes Asthma 8194 Frozen Shoulder Cured by Fosamax 8184 Histamines to Treat Cancer 8183 Preventing Heart Attacks 8178 Rx for Rheumatoid Arthritis Not Save Lives 8174 Nonsteroidals Delay Healing 8172 Weight Loss 8161 St Johns Wort Effective and Needs Following 8160 Androstenedione, DHEA and Athletes 8159 Why Running Causes So Many Injuries 8157 Slow Deep Breathing Prevents Motion Sickness 8152 Stretching Does Not Prevent Injuries 8146 Triglycerides and heart attack risk 8140 Apples and Pears 8137 Benecol and Take Control 8136 How Exercise Affects Blood Fat Levels 8135 How Saturated Fats Cause Heart Attacks 8132 Mevacor, Fosamax SStrengthen Bones, Prevent Heart Attacks 8129 How to Run Very Fast 8128 The Side Stitch 8125 Male Infertility 8124 Breakthrough Rx for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome 8123 Salt Restriction and High Blood Pressure 8113 Cox-2 Insulin, the Bad Hormone That Shortens Life 8110 Speed Increases Endurance 8106 Fasting Blood Sugar Replaced by ? Hr after Eating 8097 Oxycholesterol Verses Cholesterol 8093 the Lies of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia 8089 Why Blood Pressure Rises with Age 8082 Low Salt Levels in Hikers 8079 Manipulation For Low Back Pain 8076 Recovery Pulse Rate: Heart Attack? 8071 Latest on Late-onset Asthma 8061 Why Need Salt During Exercise Lasting 2 Hours or More 8053 PSA Prevents Prostate Cancer 8047 Estrogen for Cured Breast Cancer Patients 8045 Hypoglycemia 8040 Who Is Likely to Suffer a Heart Attack? 8035 Omega-3 Fatty Acids 8026 Depression after Heart Attack: Death 8025 High Blood Pressure Systolic/diastolic 8022 Osteoarthritis in Athletes 8016 How Much Exercise to Lose Weight? 8006 Best Diet to Lower Cholesterol? 8005 Head Injuries Playing Soccer 8004 Testicular Cancer 8003 Virus Causes Breast Cancer? 8002 Homocystine Increases Risk of Heart Attack for Women Also. 7998 Tonsils and Adenoids 7996 Warming Up 7989 Minocycline Cures Rheumatoid Arthritis 7987 Antibiotics for Infertility 7985 the Latest on Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease 7980 Eating Before Exercising? 7956 More on Omega-3 Deficiency and Heart Attacks 7948 Chronic Vaginitis 7942 Added Sugar Is Harmful 7940 Eating Extra Protein Helps Athletes Recover Faster 7938 Exercise Helps Control Diabetes 7934 Total Knee Replacement 7929 High Estrogen Makes Women Appear Younger 7923 Intractable Pain from Osteoporosis 7886 Increased Incidence of Diabetes in Last 10 Years 7883 Coenzyme Q10 7865 Plant Estrogens 7846 Tacrolimus for Psoriasis and Atopic Dermatitis 7843 Side Effects of Anabolic Steroids 7841 How Sex Hormones Affect the Mind 7837 Ear Tubes for Children 7821 5/7/99 Constipation Whole Grains, Not Flour 7819 5/6/99 Who Will Die of Prostate Cancer 7813 5/1/99 Nasal Bands to Help Athletes 7809 4/30/99 Fasting Can Harm You 7795 Fluid During Races 7788 4/10/99 Nonsteroidals Delay Bone Healing? 7786 Viagra for Women 7783 Fatty Liver 7782 DHEA to Treat Some Impotence 7776 9/29/99 Carbohydrates and HDL Cholesterol 7770 4/2/99 Osteoarthritis Caused by Overuse 7767 4/3/99 Iron Deficiency Prevent Heart Attacks? 7763 3/20/99 Diet and Prostate Cancer 7749 Best Time to Start Training? 7745 2/23/99 Abnormal Pap Smears 7731 What Is Lactic Acid? 7730 Athletic Supporters Not Needed During Exercise 7705 When to Start Estrogen FSH 7703 Self-treatment of Urinary Tract Infections 7683 Frequent Urination at Night 7670 Dyspareunia 7659 Antibiotic associated diarrhea 7642 Beta Blockers Side Effects 7639 Erythema Nodosum 7632 Niacin to Lower Cholesterol 7601 Drugs for Insomnia 7585 Picking the Right Calcium Supplement 7579 Augmentation Phalloplasty 7538 Causes of Peyronie's Disease 7533 Grave's Disease: Overactive Thyroid 7469 Grapefruit Juice Effects on Drugs 7393 Lichen Planus 7384 Alopecia Areata Plantar fasciitis

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