Several recent studies show that Viagra does not increase risk for heart attacks, even in men who have stable heart disease.

When Viagra came on the market, several medical journals reported men suffering heart attacks and sudden death after taking Viagra, and the courts filled with lawsuits claiming that Viagra caused these heart attacks. However, there is extensive evidence now that Viagra has a good safety profile during long-term use in impotent men, even in those who have stable heart disease. Viagra can be taken with most blood pressure and heart drugs, except nitrates that are prescribed to open narrowed arteries leading to the heart. The concern that Viagra caused heart attacks was probably due to the fact that men who have blocked arteries leading to their genitals, often have blocked arteries leading to their hearts, and the excitement of making love can be too much for their hearts to tolerate.

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Reported 9/1/03; checked 8/9/05

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