How Hormones can Affect the Mind

Many studies show that the male hormone, testosterone, can cause aggressive behavior.  An article from Finland showed that men who are habitual criminal offenders with personality disorders had very high blood levels of the male hormone, testosterone, while those who are schizophrenic had low levels.  The schizophrenics who had serious thought disorders could have low testosterone levels from the drugs that they take to treat their disorder, but the criminals have high testosterone levels most likely because it makes them so aggressive that they do not consider the effects of their disruptive behavior on other people. See my report on Testosterone Warnings

The female hormone, estrogen, also affects the mind. There are special receptors for estrogen in the brain and the hormone has been shown to raise mood and helps a person to think and reason.  Esrogen has been used to treat depression at menopause and to prevent Alzheimer's disease.  Unfortunately, taking estrogen has also been linked to increased rates of breast cancer, so any benefitis it may offer are outweighed by the risks.  More on Estrogen Therapy and alternative treatments for menopausal symptoms.

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Checked  6/2/18

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