An article in the medical journal, Lancet, shows that men with low sperm counts are different from other men because their counts do not drop when they make love several times in one night. They can increase their chances of fathering a child by making love as often as possible.

Men who produce fewer than 50 million sperm per ejaculate are infertile. A woman releases an egg once every 28 days and is able to become pregnant, only up to 5 days each menstrual cycle. An unfertilized egg can live only one day after it reaches the uterus. And sperm can live only up to 4 days in the uterus. People who are trying to have a child must know when the woman is fertile. They can buy an ovulation kit at the drug store and on the day that the woman releases an egg, she should try to make a baby as often as possible.

On the first try, a normal men usually produce more than 600 million sperm. A second try 20 minutes later produces 120 million sperm. A third try 6 hours later produces 10 million, and a fourth 24 hours later makes only 200,000. The latest research show that men with low sperm counts do not reduce their sperm counts with consecutive ejaculations. So, couples trying to make a baby should try to make love as often as possible on the day that the woman releases an egg /or doctors can collect successive ejaculates and insert them together into the uterus.

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