Many over-the-counter pills advertised to treat impotence contain zinc, even though no evidence shows that lack of zinc causes impotence in North America or that giving zinc cures it.

The prostate contains the highest concentration of zinc of all tissues and semen contains the highest concentration of zinc of all secretions, but the only reports of lack of zinc causing impotence are in men on artifical kidneys and men in the Middle East who ate only unleavened bread made from flour that had the germ with its zinc removed and that contained phytates that prevented them from absorbing zinc from other foods. In North America, lack of zinc is not a cause of impotence nor does taking zinc pills treat it. If you are impotent, check with your doctor to see if you suffer from arteriosclerosis, diabetes, lack of testosterone or a brain tumor. Failing to make a proper diagnosis may shorten your life. See report #M127.

Checked 8/9/05

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