Having high blood levels of the bad LDL cholesterol or low levels of the good HDL cholesterol increases a man's risk for being impotent. In one study, no men who had high HDL cholesterol levels over 90 were impotent. Sixteen percent of apparently healthy men with HDL cholesterols under 30 were impotent.

The same factors that help to prevent heart attacks can also help to prevent and treat impotence in most men: eating a low-fat, low-refined carbohydrate diet, eating huge amounts of vegetables, controlling high blood pressure, avoiding being overweight, and exercising.

The same factors that block the arteries leading to your heart also block the arteries leading to the penis. Three out of four cases of impotence are caused by arteriosclerosis. Other common causes include hormonal abnormalities; nerve damage, particularly caused by diabetes; medications, and other blood vessel diseases. See report #M127.

Journal of Urology 1994(Jan);151(1):54-61

Checked 8/9/05

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