A study from Johns Hopkins recommends that men over 60 with blood testosterone levels below the normal 300 be given testosterone.

A man has his blood testosoterone level drop more than fifty percent from age 50 to 70. During those years, men lose considerable bone and muscle strength, get much fatter, watch their cholesterol levels rise considerably and lose a lot of their male assertiveness. Recent research shows that giving testosterone to men with low blood levels of testosterone strengthen bones and muscles, reduces fat, increases interest in lovemaking, and makes men more assertive without rasing cholesterol or enlarging the prostate.

The authors recommend that men with testosterone levels below 300 ng/dL, be considered for testosterone replacement. The recently approved testosterone gel can be rubbed on the chest once a day, or a man can take injections or patches, but testosterone pills may increase risk for heart attacks.

Hypogonadism and androgen replacement therapy in elderly men. S Basaria, AS Dobs. American Journal of Medicine, 2001, Vol 110, Iss 7, pp 563-572 Dobs AS, 1830 E Monument St, Suite 328, Baltimore,MD 21287 USA

Checked 8/9/05

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