Semen volume and exercise

A study in the medical journal, Fertility and Sterility, shows that the only sexual change caused by hard exercise is a decrease in the volume of a man's semen.

Twenty-four marathon runners had their blood and semen checked regularly as they increased their training for competition. All sex hormones remained the same except for an increase in the hormone, prolactin, which did not affect their ability or desire to make love. The only change in sexual function was a decreased volume of semen.

Getting in shape won't make you a better lover because making love takes only the amount of energy required to walk up two flights of stairs. If you can walk up two flights of stairs, you can make love, but exercising too much can make you too tired to make love. By the time that happens, you will probably have sore muscles all the time, will hate exercising, and probably be headed for an injury.

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