A study from Spain shows that a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids ands low in omega-6s can help control Crohn's disease.

Crohn's disease occurs when person has bloody diarrhea and cramping, and doctors cannot find cancer or an obvious infection as the cause. Omega-3s fatty acids form prostaglandins that help to reduce swelling, redness, and pain, while omega-6s form prostaglandins that increase these symptoms. Crohn's disease is thought to be cause by a person's own immunity punching holes in the intestines or a hidden infection, possibly with a bacteria called mycobacteria avium paratuberculosis. The recommended omega-3s are found in fish, shellfish, and seeds such as whole grains, beans and nuts. Flax seeds are a particularly rich source of omega-3's. Omega-6s which may aggravate Crohn's disease are found in extracted plant oils, such as corn, soybean and safflower oils, which are used in a wide variety of prepared foods. See report #G213.

Gut. 2002;51:164-168

Checked 8/9/05

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