Fatty Liver

When doctors can't find a cause for abnormal liver tests, they often diagnose fatty liver, which if not treated, can cause permanent liver damage, but it can be cured with dietary changes and weight loss.

If your liver tests are abnormal, your doctor will ask you if you drank alcohol recently or take drugs. If your liver test do not return to normal after you avoid alcohol and drugs, you need blood tests for infections of the liver and a sonogram to rule out gall bladder disease or a tumor. If the sonogram shows a fatty liver, the odds are overwhelming that your body makes too much insulin.

This condition affects three percent of young children and a higher percentage of adults. Untreated, it causes permanent liver damage, so fatty liver should be treated with diet, weight reduction and sometimes medications to reduce body fat and appetite. I recommend a diet that restricts refined carbohydrates and high-fat foods (see report #8614 for the diet I recommend) and a drug called metformin (Glucophage). If you still have abnormal liver tests, you need a comprehensive evaluation to find the cause. More on fatty liver

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Checked 1/19/14

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