Researchers in Sweden report that they can control some cases of psoriasis with a glutin free diet that avoids wheat, rye and barley.

Psoriasis is a skin disease that causes deformed nails and horrible itchy plaques, primarily on the elbows, knees and scalp. Sixteen percent of psoriatics have a positive antigliadin antibody test that shows that they may be sensitive to glutin in wheat, rye and barley. When these psoriatics were taken off glutin, their psoriasis improved. When they again ate glutin, the psoriasis returned. Psoriatics who did not have a positive antigliadin test did not improve.

Psoriasis means that the skin changes seven times faster than normal. People with celiac disease also have antigliadin antibodies. They have diarrhea and irritated intestines that, like in psoriasis, turn over much faster than normal. If you suffer from psoriasis, ask your doctor to draw blood for antigliadin and antiendomysial antibodies. If either is positive, you may benefit from avoiding all foods made from wheat, rye ane barley.

G Michaelsson, B Gerden, E Hagforsen, B Nilsson, I PihlLundin, W Kraaz, G Hjelmquist, L Loof. Psoriasis patients with antibodies to gliadin can be improved by a gluten-free diet. British Journal of Dermatology, 2000, Vol 142, Iss 1, pp 44-51. Address: Michaelsson G, Univ Uppsala Hosp, Dept Dermatol & Venerol, S-75185 Uppsala, SWEDEN.

Reported 3/21/00; checked 8/9/05

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