People with Type O Blood Get More Stomach Ulcers

Recent studies shows that people with type O blood are the ones most likely to suffer horrible burning when they are infected with Helicobacter.

The ABO blood types are measures of red blood cell surface proteins, that are the same as the surface proteins on bacteria that live in the intestines of normal humans. If you are blood type O, you have antibodies against types A and B. If you are type A or B, you do not have antibodies against yourself, so you do not have antibodies against these surface proteins. Helicobacter and other bacteria in your gut have type A and B surface proteins.

People with type O have antibodies that react strongly with Helicobacter to cause more swelling and inflammation, more stomach pain, more belching and more ulcers. So people who are type O attack the Helicobacter with such ferocity that they burn holes in their stomachs. These people can be cured by taking two antibiotics and an ulcer medication. More on helicobacter and stomach ulcers

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Checked 3/7/12

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