Treatment of Multiple Warts

It is extraordinarily difficult to cure people who have multiple warts. Warts are caused by viruses. When a dermatologist or podiatrist removes a wart by surgery, burning, freezing or applying acids, the open skin that results allows the wart virus to start a new wart. However, if a person's immunity is strong, it can usually kill a wart and prevent new warts from replacing the old ones.

On the other hand, people with multiple warts usually have weak immunities that cannot prevent new warts from growing in the surgical sites. They have to be treated with drugs that enhance their immunity. Imiquimod (brand name Aldara) is a cream that strengthens immunity and helps to kill warts. It is rubbed on the warts three times a week, which often causes the warts to turn red and disappear. . Treating warts with duct tape More on treatment of warts

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Checked 3/9/17

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