Lots of people suffer severe migraine headaches, but sometimes the headache that is diagnosed as migraine is really temporal arteritis and the patient must be put on prednisone immediately to prevent sudden blindness. If you develop severe headaches, check with you doctor who will feel in your temples for thick beating arteries. If you have them, you may suffer from a serious condition called temporal arteritis. Your doctor then will order a blood test called sed rate. If it is high, you may have this condition.

The only way to prove that you have temporal arteritis is to cut out a piece of your artery and see the irritation in the inner lining of the blood vessels called arteritis. To prevent sudden blindness, your doctor prescribes prednisone, a cortisone-type drug that reduces swelling. Several recent papers show that damage to the inner linings of arteries in your temples and brain can be caused by infection ( 3,4) with chlamydia, the same bacteria that causes heart attacks (1), parvovirus B19 (2) and parainfluenza type 1 (5). At this time, it may be good medicine for your doctor to prescribe antibiotics such as Zithromax (250 mg a day) or Biaxin (500 mg twice day) for a week along with the usually prednisone.

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Checked 8/9/05

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