Flu Shots

It only takes one injection each year to protect you from the flu. The vaccine is very safe and cannot cause disease because it is made from killed virus. The most common side effect is a sore arm from the injection. Some people may suffer a few hours of fever, muscle pain, and chills.

You need to get the vaccine each year because last year's vaccine offers no protection whatever. Each year's new strain has a completely different structure than the virus that appeared the previous year. Every year a new flu virus circulates the globe, so manufacturers culture the virus from infected people in Asia in the winter and spring, and use it to make that years's vaccine for people in North America who will be exposed to the virus in fall and winter. The vaccine is particularly important for women more than three months pregnant, people with lung disease, and the elderly because they are the ones most likely to suffer complications and require hospitalization if they get the flu. Health care workers and others who are exposed to large numbers of people should also get their flu shots.

Checked 9/1/17

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