Scientist in Aberdeen, Scotland may have found the cause of a common condition in children called cyclic vomiting.

When a child has recurrent intermittent vomiting and doctors can't find a cause, doctors often diagnose cyclic vomiting, prescribe medications to quiet the stomach and tell the parents that these children often outgrow their vomiting. This recent study shows that 50 percent of these children outgrow their condition, while the other half have migraine headaches and continue to throw up. The authors feel that cyclic vomiting is a symptom of migraine, even when the children do not have headaches. Migraine means that the blood vessels in the brain become distorted to cause anything from loss of feeling in the arms to belly pain, to severe headaches and now to recurrent vomiting in children. The next study will see if cyclic vomiting can be treated with migraine medicines.

The prognosis of cyclical vomiting syndrome. F Dignam, DNK Symon, I AbuArafeh, G Russell. Archives of Disease in Childhood, 2001, Vol 84, Iss 1, pp 55-57Address: Russell G, Univ Aberdeen, Dept Child Hlth, Aberdeen AB25 2ZD, SCOTLAND

Checked 8/9/05

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