A study from Houston shows that instilling good E. Coli bacteria into the bladder of people with recurrent urinary tract infections can help prevent infections.

Doctors instilled safe E. Coli bacteria into the bladders of patients with spinal cord injuries that caused them to lose control of their bladders and develop frequent recurrent urinary tract infections. The good bacteria grew luxuriously in 68 percent of the bladders, and these people had a 33-fold reduction in bladder infections.

Antibiotics kill bacteria only when you take them. As soon as they are gone, a person can get a new infection. However, when you instill good bacteria into the bladder, they serve as a barrier to prevent bad bacteria from growing there. A similar situation occurs when yeast and bacteria balance each other in your body. When you take antibiotics, they can kill good bacteria and can allow the yeast to overgrow and cause an infection.

Pilot trial of bacterial interference for preventing urinary tract infection. Urology, 2001, Vol 58, Iss 3, pp 339-344. RO Darouiche, WH Donovan, M DelTerzo, JI Thornby, DC Rudy, RA Hull. Darouiche RO, Baylor Coll Med, Ctr Prostheses Infect, Vet Affairs Med Ctr, Inst Rehabil & Res, 1333 Moursund Ave, Suite A221, Houston,TX 77030 USA

Checked 8/9/05

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