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Studies from France and the United States show that having lots of eosinophil blood cells in respiratory mucous predicts extreme difficulty in controlling asthma and chronic sinusitis.

The New York study shows that chronic sinusitis sufferers with lots of respiratory mucous eosinophils have more frequent sinus infections and surgical procedures, take more antibiotics and fungal medications, are more likely to suffer asthma and nasal blisters called polyps, and are less likely to be helped by any treatment (1). The Montpelier study shows that poorly controlled asthmatics have higher sputum eosinophil counts (2). Scientist do not know all functions of eosinophils, but eosinophils gobble up worms, bacteria and viruses that attack the body, so lots of eosinophils in mucous could mean that severe asthma and sinusitis may be caused by an infectious agent that doctors can't find. Having many eosinophils means that the asthma and sinusitis is usually not curable and often difficult to control. Also see reports #G220, #1254, and #G107.

1) Significance of eosinophilia in chronic rhinosinusitis. American Journal of Rhinology, 2002, Vol 16, Iss 6, pp 313-317. MH Zadeh, V Banthia, VK Anand, C Huang. Anand VK, 205 E 64th St, New York,NY 10021 USA.

2) Eosinophilic inflammation in sputum of poorly controlled asthmatics. European Respiratory Journal, 2002, Vol 20, Iss 6, pp 1370-1377. M Romagnoli, I Vachier, PT delaFuente, H Meziane, C Chavis, J Bousquet, P Godard, P Chanez. Chanez P, Ctr Hosp Univ Montpellier, Hop Arnaud Villeneuve, Clin Malad Resp, Inst Natl Sante & Rech Med, U454, F-34295 Montpellier 5, FRANCE.

3) Clinical factors influencing the eosinophil infiltration of nasal polyps. Rhinology, 2002, Vol 40, Iss 4, pp 173-178. R Jankowski, F Bouchoua, L Coffinet, JM Vignaud. Jankowski R, Henri Poincare Univ, Serv ORL, CHU Cent Hosp, Dept Otorhinolaryngol, 29 Ave Lattre Tassigny, CO 34, F-54035 Nancy, FRANCE

Checked 8/9/05

May 30th, 2013
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