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Paul Ewald, a professor of biology at Amherst College in Massachusetts, has written a book called Plague Time. The human body is a magnificent machine. It is programmed to live for about 150 years and breaks down earlier only when something acts on it. For example, you get an infection such as chlamydia that damages your lungs, or lack a nutrient such as folic acid that causes a heart attack, or are poisoned such as eating poisoned mushrooms that kill you.

Look at how modern medicine slowly looks for causes. In 1983, a Barry Marshall showed that stomach ulcers are caused by infection with Helicobacter caused by sharing saliva of a person infected with helicobacter or eating or drinking food or fluids that are contaminated with Helicobacter.

In 1975, cervical cancer was shown to be caused almost exclusively by infection with the human papilloma wart virus commonly called HPV. You get cervical cancer by getting the virus from another person.

In the 1970's it was first proposed and is almost proved that infection with chlamydia causes heart attacks. You get chlamydia from having an infected person cough in your face, have sex with you, or share a soda bottle with an infected person.

You get liver cancer from being infected with chronic hepatitis C or B viruses, which you get from sexual contact, IV drug use, or somehow getting blood or semen from an infected person into your bloodstream.

There is convincing evidence that the mouse-mammary tumor virus causes breast cancer in mice and there is early evidence that the common Epstein Barr virus that causes mononucleosis in humans may also cause some cases of Lymphoid cancers. Alzheimer's disease may be caused by chlamydia; autism in children may be caused by strep infections; and schizophrenia may be caused by Borna virus.

If you have a disease that your doctor gives a fancy name and tells you that is incurable, it may be a good idea to search further see if there is early research to show that it is caused by infection, poisoning, lack of a nutrient or something else that interferes with the human body, the most magnificant machine in nature.

Ewald, Paul, Plague Time. Free Press, December, 2000.

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June 1st, 2013
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