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Are dogs more likely to bite when the moon is full? Two studies inthe British Medical journal give different results. One study analyzed emergency room visits in Yorkshire, England to show that dog bites are far more common when the moon is full, while another study analyzed emergency room visits in Sydney, Australia to show the opposite.

Neither author offered to explain how a full moon increases a dog's likelihood to bite a human, but many folk tales report vampires requiring blood when the moon is full. It is not likely that dogs are influenced by vampire stories, but crazy behavior during a full moon goes back at least to Roman times. The term lunatic comes from the latin word for moon. The author of the Australian study refuting full moon influence titled his article, "Barking mad? Another lunatic hypothesis bites the dust."

Another study in the medical journal Family Practice shows that physicans get more calls after hours at night when the moon is full. Nobody knows why.

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2)The effect of the full moon on general practice consultation rates. RD Neal, M Colledge. Family Practice, 2000, Vol 17, Iss 6, pp 472-474Address Neal RD, Univ Leeds, Nuffield Inst Hlth, Ctr Res Primary Care, 71-75 Clarendon Rd, Leeds, W Yorkshire, ENGLAND

Checked 8/9/05

June 1st, 2013
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