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Hemorrhoids and Rectal Bleeding

An article in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that most cases of rectal cracks, called fissures, can be cured by an inexpensive nitroglycerin cream or an injection of botulinum toxin (1), but doctors will continue to cut them out because insurance companies pay 750 dollars or more for surgery, while they pay only for the cost of a routine office visit for prescribing the creams or injections.

If you have rectal pain or bleeding, check with your doctor. The odds are overwhelming that you have a fissure or a crack in your rectum that can be cured with antibiotics and a topical nitroglycerin cream. If your doctor does not find hemorrhoids or fissures, you must have a tube inserted into your colon to check for other causes of bleeding such as cancers, since one in four cases of rectal bleeding not caused by fissures or hemorrhoids is caused by serious disease (2). If you have a small crack called a fissure or large veins called hemorrhoids, you can often be cured by applying a special ointment made by mixing one part of the commercially available (by prescription) 2% nittroglycerin ointment with 20 parts of Vaseline (3,4,5,7,8,10). If you do not dilute the nitroglycerine, it can cause headaches. I also recommend that both you and your partner take a long-acting erythromycin (azithromycin 250 mg once a day for 9 days).

Fissures, hemorrhoids and anal itching are almost always infected (8), so they should be treated with antibiotics (9). Hemorrhoids are caused by a tight sphincter that squeezes the arteries and veins as they carry blood to and from the last part of the intestines. Since pressure in arteries is much greater than that in veins, the arteries remain open, while the veins collapse, increasing pressure in the veins and causing them to widen, hurt and bleed. Surgery is rarely required and they usually return after surgery anyway. Hemorrhoids may be treated by using a balloon to widen the sphincter or mechanically stretching the sphincter under anaesthesia (6).

If you have rectal bleeding and do not have hemorrhoids or fissures, your doctor will probably order a special X-ray called a barium enema. A ten-year follow up on patients with rectal bleeding without obvious cause showed that 13 percent had polyps that can turn into cancer, four percent had inflammatory bowel disease that can cause terrible cramping and gas, and 6.5 percent eventually developed colon cancer (2).

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January 1st, 2015
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