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The Federal Trade Commission filed a law suit against Steve Garvey, the former Los Angeles Dodger baseball star, for making false claims in an infomercial about a weight-loss product. I cannot believe that Steve Garvey, who made a fortune for his ability to play baseball, who was the idol of millions of American kids because he could play baseball, would endanger his reputation to pitch a product that has not been shown to deliver what he claims. He is selling two products: EXERCISE IN A BOTTLE that is supposed to contain pyruvate, a chemical that your body makes when it breaks down food for energy, and another bottle of FAT ABSORBER and FAT TRAPPER that contain chitin, a fiber product extracted from shell fish.

Neither have been shown in human studies to cause weight loss without people also eating less and exercising more. Yet, this is what the Federal Trade Commission says this baseball hero, Steve Garvey, stated on his infomercial: "Look at all these delicious supposedly forbidden foods: barbecued chicken and ribs, buttered biscuits, Foods you can eat when you crave them, without guilt, without worry, and it's all because of a few little capsules."

I am absolutely disgusted that this hero to American children can claim that people can lose weight without exercising more or eating less.

Last April, Enforma, the company that makes EXERCISE IN A BOTTLE and FAT ABSORBER agreed to pay 10 million dollars in consumer redress to settle Federal Trade Commission charges against the company.

You have to be incredibly naive to believe the infomercial: "With Enforma, you can eat what you want and never, ever have to diet again." The ads promised that users can lose weight, even when eating chicken, pizza and cheeseburgers. Millions of people were so stupid that they believe that you can lose weight without exercising more or eating less. The public has to be protected from such lies. I know that my listening audience is not so gullible that they thinks that they can lose weight without exercising more or eating less.

Steve Garvey played 19 years in the national League, including 14 with the Los Angeles Dodgers. He played in nine All Star Games and was the National League's MOST valuable player in 1974. How can an American hero do this?

Checked 5/3/07

June 2nd, 2013
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