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Cancer Patients Should Avoid Foods that Cause a High Rise in Blood Sugar

Eating lots of foods that cause a high rise in blood sugar increased the death rate by more than 80 percent, in 1000 men and women who had colon cancer, stage III, that had already spread to their lymph nodes (J Natl Cancer Inst., November 7, 2012). Stage III colon cancer has a five-year survival rate of about 50 percent. These men and women were followed for seven years.

Previous studies by the same authors showed that a typical North American diet high in red meat, saturated fat, refined grains (flour) and sugary desserts and drinks, triples the chances of colon cancer recurring after treatment.

This study shows that total carbohydrate intake and the amount of high Glycemic Load foods in the diet are predictors of cancer recurrence and mortality. The link is strongest in those who are overweight.

Please read my my detailed explanation of how cancer cells feed on sugar

• Avoid all sugar-containing drinks except when you are exercising.
• Substitute WHOLE grains for flour (bakery products and pastas); use brown rice instead of white rice.
• Eat plenty of vegetables, beans and fruits.
• Avoid red meat.

Other lifestyle habits to help prevent cancer and improve survival in cancer patients:
• Exercise daily
• Get blood levels of vitamin D above 75 mol/L (30 ng/ml)
• Do not smoke
• Do not take more than two alcoholic drinks a day
• Avoid being overweight


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Egg Yolk and Arteriosclerosis

Plaques in arteries can lead to heart attacks and strokes. A recent study from Canada shows that plaque buildup in arteries increases with the number of eggs that you eat and the number of cigarettes that you smoke (Atherosclerosis, November 13, 2012).

Many previous studies have shown that eggs are not associated with risk for heart attack or strokes. Other studies show that adding up to two eggs per day to a person's diet does not even raise cholesterol. This is explained by the fact that the average North American eats so much food that contains cholesterol that the extra cholesterol in eggs is not significant enough to raise blood cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is found only in foods made from animals (meat, fish, chicken, eggs and dairy), not in plants. Eggs have probably the highest concentration of cholesterol of any food.

More than 80 percent of the cholesterol in your body is made by your liver. Less than 20 percent comes from the food that you eat. So, when you eat foods containing large amounts of cholesterol, your liver makes less. When you eat less of the foods containing cholesterol, your liver makes more.

This study suggests that eating large amounts of foods rich in cholesterol increases risk for forming plaques in arteries and suffering subsequent heart attacks.


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November 18th, 2012
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