A study from the University of Sydney in Australia shows that feeding young rats a diet loaded with bakery products, pastas and sugar added foods causes them to become diabetic as they grow older.

Two month-old rats were placed on a diet that resembled that of the average American diet of 20 percent protein, 35 percent fat and 45 percent carbohydrates. However, one group was given refined carbohydrates made from flour and sugar, while the other group ate carbohydrates found in nature such as whole grains, beans and vegetables. Those given the refined carbohydrate diet were 15 percent fatter in their bellies, which is what happens when a person becomes diabetic. The refined carbohydrate diet-fed rats also had blood insulin levels that rose higher and sooner after meals and remained higher after meals than the rats eating whole grains and vegetables.

This really is a landmark study. It explains why the incidence of diabetes is increasing at such a rapid rate in North America. When children eat pasta, bakery products and sugar-added foods, they get a higher rise in blood sugar, which causes the pancreas to release huge amounts of insulin. Insulin acts on the brain to make you hungry so you eat more. Insulin acts on the liver to make more fat. Insulin acts on fat cells in your belly to take up the fat. The fat cells in your abdomen then prevent your liver from removing insulin from your bloodstream, causing insulin levels to rise higher and remain longer. Higher levels of insulin make matters worse by forcing you to eat more, your liver to make more fat and your belly fat cells to fill with fat. So you have a progressively worsening situation in which you get fatter and fatter, and more and more insulin insensitive. Untreated, your nerves are damaged so you go blind or deaf or impotent, and eventually you die of a stroke or a heart attack. See report #D222.

Journal of Nutrition, January, 2001. Pawlal DB et al.

Checked 8/9/05

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