Wine May Benefit Diabetics

A study from Italy showed that drinking wine with meals may help to control diabetes. Diabetics are at increased risk for heart attacks after eating because breaking down food produces large amounts of oxidants that convert the bad LDL cholesterol to oxidized LDL cholesterol that forms plaques in arteries, and thicken blood to form clots. This study shoes that one cup of red wine reduces the amount of oxidants and blood thickening that normally occur after a diabetic eats.

Diabetics should restrict foods that cause a high rise in blood sugar, but alcohol does not cause an immediate high rise in blood sugar. If these results can be repeated by other investigators, diabetics should avoid foods that cause a high rise in blood sugar like sugar-added foods and those made from flour, and they may also take a glass of wine with one meal. However, one in ten people who drink may become alcoholic. More on prevention and treatment of diabetes.

Red wine protects diabetic patients from meal-induced oxidative stress and thrombosis activation: a pleasant approach to the prevention of cardiovascular disease in diabetes. European Journal of Clinical Investigation, 2001, Vol 31, Iss 4, pp 322-328. A Ceriello, N Bortolotti, E Motz, S Lizzio, B Catone, R Assaloni, L Tonutti, C Taboga. Ceriello A, Univ Udine, Chair Internal Med, Ple S Maria Misericordia, I-33100 Udine, ITALY

Checked 2/9/10

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