Prevention of Diabetes

You can usually prevent diabetes by maintaining a healthful weight and avoiding foods that cause high rises in blood sugar. All people who store fat primarily in their bellies, have high blood triglycerides or low levels of the good HDL cholesterol, have a strong family history of diabetes, or women who have cysts on their ovaries, should eat a diet that restricts bakery products, pastas, fruit juices, and sugar-added foods.

Diabetes damages cells by causing blood sugar levels to rise too high after meals. Moderate elevations in blood sugar don't cause much damage. The diabetes drug, metformin (Glucophage), helps prevent blood sugar levels from rising too high after meals. It is extremely safe except for people with kidney damage, and can sometimes cause diarrhea.

A study from George Washington University showed that Glucophage and a diet low in refined carbohydrates can prevent diabetes in many people who would otherwise become diabetic. Check with your doctor. See Treatment of Insulin Resistance.

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Checked 1/1/13

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