Diabetics Benefit from Exercise Any Time of the Day

Exercise helps to prevent blood sugar from rising too high after meals. The only places that your body can store sugar are in blood, liver and muscles. When a diabetic’s muscles are full of sugar, dietary sugar goes from the intestines into the bloodstream, causing high spikes in blood sugar levels. On the other hand, when the muscles are empty, sugars go from the intestines into the bloodstream and then directly into muscles to prevent the spike. Several studies show that it doesn’t make any difference when you empty your muscle cells. Blood sugar spikes are prevented by exercising both before and after meals.

An exciting study from Maastricht University in the Netherlands shows that a single bout of vigorous exercise can help control blood sugar for 24 hours in people whose pancreas make no insulin whatever (Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, December 2006). Exercise is a potent treatment for both Type I and Type II diabetics. Any diabetic who does not exercise regularly should check with his or her doctor and get started.

Checked 1/15/07

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