Fruit Juice Increases Risk for Diabetes

Drinking two glasses of grape juice (500cc) per day for three months increased insulin resistance and waist circumference in overweight participants (The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology, Feb 2014). These are markers of a person becoming diabetic. There is no difference between fruit juice and CocaCola in raising blood sugar and increasing diabetes risk.

As a person goes from being healthy to becoming diabetic, he or she: • gains weight, • which causes fat to be deposited in the liver • which prevents him from responding to insulin (insulin resistance) • which raises blood sugar levels • which causes sugar to stick to the outer surface membranes of all cells. • which damages every cell in your body.

A glass of apple juice contains the same amount of calories (110) and sugar (26 g) as a glass of cola. An apple contains only 50 calories and is also loaded with healthful fiber. Eating WHOLE fruit is healthful for diabetics and everyone else. Fruit JUICES are no better than soft drinks.

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