Exercise May Change Gut Bacteria for More Endurance

Exercise for Endurance AND Strength

Drink Sugar and Caffeine During Vigorous Exercise

Does Ultra-Endurance Exercise Harm the Heart?

Electric-Assist Bikes and Trikes

How to Avoid Overtraining

Short Intervals are Best

Running Injuries from Over-Striding

Standing Is Not Much Better Than Sitting

What to Eat Before, During and After a Bicycle Ride

Protein Shakes for Muscle Building May Not Be Safe

New Research on Intense Exercise

Don't Use Aspirin or NSAIDs for Muscle Pain from Exercise

High-Intensity Interval Training Can Increase Injuries

Fitness for Cancer Patients and Survivors

Stress Fractures - Prevention and Treatment

Sarcopenia of Aging: Loss of Muscle Size and Strength

How Exercise Prolongs Your Life

How to Do Interval Training

Brain Benefits from Exercise

Carbohydrate Loading DOES NOT Work

Oxygenated Water: Good for Fish, Worthless for Humans

Arm Exercises: Many Conductors Have Long Lives

NSAIDs Interfere with Exercise Training

Cycling Cadence

Lactic Acid is Good for You: Why Everyone with a Healthy Heart Should Do Interval Exercise

Exercise Improves Gut Bacteria

You Can't Be Too Fit

Cooling Down After Intense Exercise

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

Eat Before Intense Workouts and Competitions

Exercise to Prevent a Heart Attack

Exercisers Should Follow a Heart-Healthy Diet

Lifestyle Can Override Genes

Weak Muscles Increase Risk for Dementia

How Inactivity Can Cause Heart Failure

Lack of Vitamin D May Harm Exercisers

Running Stride Length and Speed

Should Runners and Cyclists Lift Weights?

Physically Active Jobs vs Leisure-Time Exercise

Keto Diet Not Likely to Help Athletes

Some Health Benefits of Exercise May Come from Changes in Colon Bacteria

More Reasons to Exercise as You Grow Older

Fruit Beats Sports Drinks for Exercisers

How Exercise Reduces Dementia Risk

Good News for Male Cyclists

Cyclists Age Better

Recovery: the Key to Improvement in Your Sport

How Exercise Helps to Prevent Diabetes and Heart Attacks

Intervals for Everyone

Cold-Weather Exercise Tips

Strength Training May Reduce Deaths from Heart Attacks and Cancers

Low Vitamin D Increases Risk for Injuries

Exercise Promotes Good Gut Bacteria

Mitochondria and Gut Bacteria Work Together for More Endurance

Sarcopenia (Muscle Loss with Aging) Linked to Inflammation

Too Much Exercise?

Flat Feet, Pigeon Toes and Bow Legs

Exercise May Help to Prevent Dementia

Principles of Training

NSAIDs May Block Gains in Endurance and Strength

Heat Stroke

Power Napping

Side Stitch: Belly Pain while Running

What to Eat and Drink for Hot Weather Exercise

Competitive Athletes and Doping

Benefits of Exercise from a Pill?

Low-Carbohydrate Diets Harm Athletic Performance

Eat to Compete

NSAIDs May Prevent Benefits of Lifting Weights

Slowing Loss of Bone and Muscle Strength with Aging

Even a 100-Year-Old Can Improve with Training

Mild Dehydration Does Not Impair Exercise

Robert Marchand Sets Amazing World Record at 105

Protein Supplements Don't Make You Stronger

Ten-Minute Workouts for Fitness

How to Prevent Wear-and-Tear Injuries

Retaining Strength with Aging

Extra Protein Does Not Enlarge Muscles

Can You Exercise Too Much?

Lack of Fitness, Not Too Much Sitting, Shortens Lives

Caffeine Boosts Endurance and Strength

Everyone Should Exercise After Meals

Motor-Assist Bicycles: Benefits of Passive Exercise

How Exercise Affects Your Immunity

Cupping for Faster Recovery

Some Athletes will Always Cheat to Win

Strength Training Guidelines

Muscle Loss from Inactivity: 34 Percent in Just Two Weeks

Making Muscles Stronger

Can You Exercise Too Much?

Overnight Fasting to Increase Speed and Endurance

Our New Tandem Ti-Trike

Cold Weather Can Kill

Eat Carbohydrates During Competition, Not Fat

How to Strengthen Your Immunity

How to Keep Your Maximum Heart Rate Up as You Age

How to Keep Running as You Age

Listen to Your Body

Fruit Juices Beat Sports Drinks for Exercisers

Exercise Preserves Brain Function

Short Bursts of Vigorous Exercise: New Benefits

Second Wind

Low Carbohydrate, High-Fat Diets for Endurance?

Sitting Will Not Harm Vigorous Exercisers

What to Eat Before Prolonged Exercise

Eating During and After Intense Workouts Makes You a Better Athlete

Why Ice Delays Recovery

Bicycles Are Most Energy-Efficient

The 30-20-10 Plan to Boost Your Exercise Progam

Irregular Heartbeats in Senior Athletes and Exercisers

Inactivity Causes Muscle Loss

Do You Need a Heart Rate Monitor?

Sports Nutrition Products No Better than Fast Foods for Recovery

Tennis Elbow A Home Treatment that Works

Exercise Every Day or Every Other Day?

Exercisers - Know the Side Effects of Your Medications

Strengthen Quad Muscles to Help Your Knees

Spot Reduction Doesn't Work

Sleep to Recover

Being Overweight Does Not Prolong Lives

Should You Cool Down after Exercise?

Exercise-Induced Asthma (EIA)

Dangers of Prolonged Sitting

Running Makes Your Heart Stronger and Healthier

Slow Runners Don't Come Out Ahead

Cold Weather May Help You Lose Weight

Health Benefits of Intense Exercise

Exercise Keeps You Younger

Placebos to Race Faster

Antioxidant Pills May Reduce Gains from Exercise

Stretching Doesn't Deliver

Intervals Lower Blood Sugar

Caffeine Improves Multi-Day Performance

More Mitochondria for Better Athletes?

Salt: the Only Mineral you Need to Replace During Exercise

Sugar for Prolonged, Hard Exercise

A Little Vigorous Exercise Yields Big Fitness Gains

Families with Diabetes Produce Strong Athletes

Runners Live Longer – Even Slow Ones

Preventing Loss of Muscle with Aging

Belly Cramps During Exercise

Intense Exercise Makes You Faster and Stronger

Exercise for Better Gut Bacteria

No More Junk Miles

Exercise to Prevent Weight Gain

What is Lactic Acid?

Runner's Knee (Knee Cap Pain)

Why You Sweat More After Exercise

Prevent Memory Loss with Exercise

How to Get Your Second Wind

Health Benefits for Senior Athletes

Muscle Cramps: Prevention and Treatment

High Doses of Antioxidants May Harm Athletic Performance

Don't Just Sit at Any Age

Interval Training for Sports

Drugs No Better than Exercise to Save Lives

Sugar for Intense Exercise

Walk Faster, Live Longer

Mid-Life Fitness and Diet Habits Improve Quality of Life

Dangers of Anabolic Steroids

Calculate Your Fitness Age

Exercise Is as Effective as Drugs in Preventing Diabetes and Second Heart Attacks

Exercisers Need Fluids and Salt

Achilles Tendinitis

How To Run Faster

Try a Trike

Why You Need Salt During Long Exercise

How To Run Faster

How Exercise Helps You Lose Weight

A Comfortable Bike Seat

How to Become Strong

Maximum Heart Rate Formula

Muscles Don't Turn into Fat

The Real Meaning of Fitness

Spot Reduction Doesn't Work

Anabolic Steroids

Muscles and Diet

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery is Usually Useless

Passing Out from Low Blood Sugar (Bonking)

What Causes Muscle Soreness?

Stretching Does Not Prevent Muscle Soreness

How to Start an Exercise Program

Piriformis Syndrome

Rotator Cuff Injuries

Massage Therapy

Piriformis Syndrome

Rotator Cuff Injuries

Plantar Fasciitis

Athletic Supporters Not Needed During Exercise

Interval Training and Lactic Acid

Best Time to Start Training?

When Do You Have to Take Fluid During Exercise?

Nasal Bands Don't Help Athletes

Side Effects of Anabolic Steroids

Eating Protein Helps Athletes Recover Faster

Eat Before Exercising?

Warming Up Does Not Prevent Muscle Soreness

Head Injuries in Soccer Players Helmets Save Lives and IQ points

How Much Exercise to Lose Weight?

Osteoarthritis in Athletes

Low Salt Levels in Hikers

Speed Increases Endurance

Side Stitch

Stretching Does Not Prevent Injuries

Why Running Causes So Many Injuries

Nonsteroidals Delay Healing

Late-Night Exercise Does Not Disturb Sleep

Strength Training Does Not Improve Cycling

Violence and Athletes

Androstenedione, DHEA and Athletes

Exercise Helps You To Live Longer

Sports Drinks

Cadence in Running

A Comfortable Bike Seat!

Exercising in Air Pollution

Eating The Night Before Competition

Athletic Supporters Not Needed During Exercise

Training for Hot-Weather Competition

Pre-Race or Pre-Game Meal

Does Menstruation Affect Athletic Performance?

Sex Before Competition

Tennis Elbow: A Home Treatment that Works

Cadence in Running

Should Basketball Players Run Long Distances?

Heat Stroke

Aging and Exercise

Achilles Tendinitis

Why World Records Keep On Improving

Causes of Chronic Fatigue in Athletes

How to Tell if a Person Can Run Fast

Eat to Recover

Does Aspirin Help You Recover From Exercise?

Bicycling Does Not Weaken Bones

Stress and Recover

Hard Exercise for Young Children

Intense Training for Older People

Fasting Harms Performance

Which Runners are Injured Most?

How to Jump Higher

Anabolic Steroids-- Strength at a Cost

Prepubertal Training and Growth

Baseball Players and Chewing Tobacco

Water vs Sports Drinks for Athletes?


Eat Protein and Lift Weights to Enlarge Muscles

Androstenedione = Strength?

Training for Competition vs Fitness


Prepare for Skiing When There's No Snow

Aspirin Lotions and Analgesic Balms Do Not Heal Injuries

Spot Reduction Doesn't Work

Helmets Save Lives

Exercise Raises Growth Hormone Levels

Warming Up Does Not Prevent Muscle Soreness

Lovemaking and Athletic Performance

Should You Breathe Through Your Nose?

How Many Miles Cycling Equal Miles Running?

Exercise Recovery is Faster with Rest

How to Become Strong

How to Walk Faster

Lifting Weights Won't Make You Musclebound

Intensity Makes You More Fit

Alternate Sports or Both on the Same Day?

Resting after Hard Exercise

The Real Meaning of Fitness

Cooling Down after a Workout

Ankle Weights Won't Help You to Run Faster

Stationary Bike to Climb Stairs

Exercising after Eating

Temperature During Exercise

Train Faster to Race Better

Flat Feet are Good For You

Recumbent Stationary Bikes

Strength Training Makes You Faster

How to Warm Up

Exercise to Stand Tall

Best Age to Start Training

Proper Running Form

Do Athletes Need More Potassium?

Nasal Dilators and Athletic Performance

Prepubertal Exercise Prevents Osteoporosis

What's the Best Exercise Drink?

Cycling Injuries in Older People

How to do the Most Pushups

Preparing for Baseball

Slow Lifting

Eating the Night Before Competition

No Need to Take Pulse During Exercise

How Incline Affects Treadmill Running

Why You Need Salt During Exercise

Who Wins Bodybuilding Contests?

How to Prevent Injuries

Maximum Heart Rate Formula

How to Pedal a Bicycle

Older People Get Hurt When They Run

Strength Training is Specific

Isometric Exercise

Sit Ups for Belly Strength

When Athletes Collapse on a Hot Day


Wear Socks During Exercise

Weight Lifters Need Endurance

Drinks for Exercise


Lifting Weights Won't Make You Musclebound

Helmets Protect Soccer Players

Compression for Muscle Soreness

Muscles Don't Turn into Fat

Heart Works Harder in Hot Weather

Bike Better than Running for Older People

People Lie about their Exercise

Alternate Sports or Do Both at the Same Time?

Exercising after Eating

Pulse during Exercise

Spousal Support for Exercise

Super Slow Training

Nasal Dilators and Athletic PerformanceE

How Lack of Exercise Shortens Lives

Fasting Will Not Improve Endurance

Exercise when your Muscles are Sore?

Lack of Exercise Causes Aging

Flat Feet

Marathons Do Not Cause Heart Attacks

Impotence and Cycling

Muscle Strength with Aging

Cooling Down after Exercise

Stress and Recover

Tennis Elbow

Steroid Supplements

High Body Temperature During Exercise

Fitness Prevents Absenteeism

Nasal Bands for Exercisers

Jumping Rope for Fitness

Ankle Weights

The Meaning of Fitness

Muscle Stimulating Machines

Pronated Flat Feet

Chris Klug, Olympian: Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis

Soeed, not Junk Miles<

TV Viewing Causes Obesity

Avoiding Overtraining

Glycerol Improves Endurance on Hot Days

Iron Deficiency Without Anemia Impairs Exercise

The Real Meaning of Fitness

Temperature During Exercise

Exercise Drinks

Spot Reduction Doesn't Work

Build Muscle and Improve Balance with T'ai Chi

Housework is Not Good Exercise

Electronic Ab Machines

Mamo Wolde, Olympian

Anabolic Steroids

Orchestra Conducting is Good Exercise

Eating Before Exercising?

Muscles and Diet

Cocaine and Heat Stroke

Don't Restrict Water in Hot Weather

Eating During Exercise Makes You More Alert

Caffeine During Competition

Passing Out from Low Blood Sugar (Bonking)

What Causes Muscle Soreness?

Health Benefit of Older Homes

Youthful Pitchers

Growth Hormone and Muscle Strength

Stretching Does Not Prevent Muscle Soreness

Exercise Intensity and Heart Attacks

Best Time To Start Training

Bob Hayes' Flat Feet

Weightlifting Causes More Damage Than Endurance Exercise

Hydration Can Reduce Fainting

How to Start an Exercise Program

Fatigue Not Necessary for Strength Gains

Salt During a Race?

Older Runners Appear to Postpone Disability, Have Lower Mortality

Training is Specific

Side Stitch

Muscle Strength Determines Bone Strength

Extra Salt for Exercisers

Micheline Ostermeyer

How Lack of Exercise Shortens Lives

Lack of Exercise Kills

Exercise When You Are Older

Pain Medicine Interferes with Training

Exercise and Growth Hormone Releasers

Exercise to Delay Aging

Massage and Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Exercise-Associated Collapse

Recovery from Hard Exercise

Vigorous Exercise for Children

How Muscles get Stronger

Lack of Muscle and Obesity Increase Cancer Risk

Physical Inactivity Increases Belly Fat

Exercise Determines Lack of Obesity

FTC Stops Ab Machines

Specificity of Bone Strength

Prevention of Athletic Injuries

Salt when You Exercise

Alcohol and Athletic Performance

Carbohydrate Plus Protein Increases Endurance

Intense Exercise Does Not Damage the Heart

Why Exercisers Need Salt

Rest before a Major Race

Exercise with Flu or a Cold

Exercise after a Knee Injury

Side Stitches

How to Start an Exercise Program

Exercise during Pregnancy

Muscle Soreness

Exercisers Should Not Restrict Salt?

Arches and Running Injuries

Champion athletes are born AND made

Hyponatremia - Too Much Water

Repairing Damaged Knee Cartilage

Muscles Won't Turn into Fat


Exercise Better with a Partner

Fasting Does Not Increase Endurance

Awkward Running Form

Exercise-induced Asthma

How Much Exercise for Weight Loss?

Prepare for Skiing

Lactic Acid Increases Endurance

Prepare for a Marathon

What to Eat During a Race or Game

Exercise Choices for the Out-of-Shape

Calories Burned while Running vs Walking

Sugar in Sports Drinks Can Cause Stomach Cramps

Jogging for Fitness

Eating Before Exercise

Weight Training for Children

Raise Growth Hormone with Exercise

Running: How Many Miles?

Best Sport for Overall Fitness

Benefits of Weight Training

Best Foods for Competition

How to Increase Walking Speed

Chronic Muscle Pain

Causes of Muscle Soreness

Running to Improve Performance in Other Sports

Warming Up


Get Stronger in 30 Minutes a Week

Dizziness in Athletes

Improving Your Training Program

Heart Rate Monitors

Interval Training

Muscle Loss with Aging

Food During Exercise

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Tears


Fitness Improves Health

Runner's Knee


Lifting Weights Won't Make You Musclebound?

Raising Growth Hormone Levels

How to Pedal a Bicycle

Spinning Classes

Gradual Weight Gain

Knee Injury Rehabilitation

Walking for Weight Loss

Rotator Cuff Injuries

Slope on Treadmills

Exercise Won't Interfere with Sleep

How Interval Workouts Improve Endurance

Exercise in Air Pollution

Cycling Does Not Weaken Bones

Pigeon Toes

Exercise Bikes without Pain

Good Muscle Soreness

Exercise While Young Benefits Later Years

Rest Periods between Intervals

Tandem Bicycling

Jump Higher

Leg Strength for Cycling

Isometric Exercises


Low Carb Diet and Performance

Start a Weight Training Program

Hard-Easy Principle


Wear Socks with Running Shoes

How Aspirin may Cause Hyponatremia


Strength Training to Prevent Sports Injuries

Thigh Fat is Good Fat

Too skinny? Add Muscle, not Fat

Calories Burned in Running vs Cycling

Salt during Exercise?

Triathalon Training

Muscle Cramps during Competition


Fluid During Exercise

Eat for Endurance

Children and Training for Sports

Exercise Protects against Memory Loss

Interval Workout Rest Periods

Recovery Times

Increasing Stride Length

Stress Fractures

Why Do Sled Dogs have So Much More Endurance than Humans?

Bicycle Seats

Running with Back Pain

Muscle Fatigue

Electric Muscle Stimulators

Insulin Insensitivity and Exercise

How Protein Builds Muscles

Performance-Enhancing Drugs That Are Not Banned

Fatigue or Heatstroke?

Loss of strength with aging

Heart Size Predicts Endurance

Oxygenated Water

Tiredness during Exercise

Most Important Age to Exercise

Should You Carry Weights during Exercise?

Eating Before Exercise Does Not Cause Cramps

Triathletes: Fewer Injuries

How to Start a Running Program

Should You Carry Weights while Walking or Jogging?

Lance Armstrong

Nonsteroidals Hinder Strength Gains

Preventing Dehydration

Exercise Does Not Damage Heart

Altitude and Training

Heart Does Not Tire during Exercise

Intervals Train your Muscles to Use Lactic Acid as Fuel

Exercise Strengthens Bones

Coaches Believe Stretching Prevents Injuries

Muscles recover faster in the Morning

How to Start a Running Program

Protein Drinks

OK to Exercise Before Sleeping

Floyd Landis: Effects of Steroids or EPO

Most Important Age for Exercise

Slower Pace or Rest Between Races?

Osteoporosis and Salt

Push-Ups: Train to Do the Most

Eat to Recover

Know When to Change Sports

Weight Lifting Helps to Prevent Diabetes

Exercise Prolongs Life

Marathon Training

Second Wind?

Water or Sports Drink?

Exercise for Children

Sit-ups the Right Way

Pedal Faster to Ride Better

Cross-Training for Fitness

Lactic Acid is Good for You

Caffeine Increases Endurance

Asthma Inhalers and Sports

Master Athletes Age Better


High Blood Pressure during Exercise

Low Glycemic Index Meal to Increase Endurance

Foods for Strength

Support Stockings

Donating blood: effects on athletes

Baking soda may help exercisers

Some Performance-Enhancing Drugs Can't Be Detected

Fit Women Live Longer

Carbs for Endurance

Exercise for Weight Loss

Mild Dehydration Does Not Impair Exercise Performance

Loss of Coordination with Fatigue

Efficiency in Running Form

Measuring Calories Burned During Exercise

Older Exercisers Recover as Fast as Children


Collapse After Exercise

Prevent Injuries: Background Before Peaking

Obesity and High-Fat Diets Interfere with Muscle Growth

Weight Lifting for Middle-Age and Beyond

Weight Training: Cyclists vs Runners

What to Eat and Drink Before and During Hot Weather Competition

Rotator Cuff Injuries

Who Gets High Blood Preasure From Salt?

Do Steroids Cause Uncontrollable Rage?

Low Dose Calcium

Smoking More Common Among the Mentally III

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