Growth Hormone and Muscle Strength

A study from Winnipeg reviews the scientific literature and finds that there is no controlled data to show that growth hormone helps make athletes stronger. Thousands of athletes in many sports spend millions of dollars on growth hormone and growth hormone promoters in the hope that it will help them grow larger muscles, become stronger and therefore be better athletes.

Growth hormone is a protein that is destroyed in the stomach, so it can only be given by injection, and growth hormone injections can only be given legally by prescription, so most of the advertised products are growth hormone releasers. After you eat, blood levels of growth hormone rise. After eating protein, blood levels rise even higher. So any food can be sold as a growth hormone releaser and many growth hormone releasers are nothing but protein from soybeans, tuna or milk.

Does exogenous growth hormone improve athletic performance? Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine, 2002, Vol 12, Iss 4, pp 250-253. H Dean. Dean H, Childrens Hosp Winnipeg, Dept Pediat & Child Hlth, Sect Pediat Endocrinol, FE 319-685 William Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3E 0Z2, CANADA

Checked 8/31/08

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