Exercise When You Are Older

A study from Israel shows that older people who exercised regularly at age 70, when followed seven years later, were far healthier, more independent and had a better quality of life than people who didn't exercise at age 70. The exercisers had far less diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic back pain, loneliness, and physical disability.

Another study from Washington University in St. Louis shows that a supervised weightlifting and continuous exercise program can improve function in older people who have difficulty walking and taking care of themselves. Supervised exercise improved older people's ability to feed themselves, take care of bowel habits, and perform their activities better than a low-intensity home exercise program. Exercising vigorously in later life gives older people a far better quality of life, and allows them to be more independent and do most of the things that they could do when they were much younger.

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Checked 8/31/08

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