Physical Inactivity Increases Belly Fat

A study from Duke shows that lack of exercise causes excess fat to accumulate in your belly, and vigorous exercise can reduce belly fat in just a few weeks.

Storing fat primarily in your belly increases your chances of developing diabetes, heart attacks and strokes. People who store lots of fat over their belly muscles also store lots of fat in their livers which prevents the liver from removing insulin rapidly from the bloodstream. Your liver is supposed to remove insulin immediately after it does its job of driving sugar from your bloodstream after meals into your cells. However, insulin has detrimental effects because high levels of insulin constrict arteries to cause heart attacks and they also cause your brain to feel hunger and your liver to manufacture fat and deposit it in your belly and liver.

Five-year trial STRRIDE (Studies of Targeted Risk Reduction Interventions through Defined Exercise), Cris Slentz, Lori Aiken, Brian Duscha, Johanna Johnson, Kevin Ketchum, Leslie Kelly, and Kraus. Joseph Houmard, Ph.D., and Chuck Tanner from East Carolina University, were also members of the team. May 28, 2003. The 50th annual scientific sessions of the American College of Sports.

Checked 8/8/08

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