How Much Exercise to Lose Weight?

A study from the University of Texas shows that for exercise to help you lose weight, you have to exercise intensely, consistently and often.

A group of men and women from the ages of 16 to 65 exercised 3 times a week on a stationary bicycle, working up to fairly intense 50 minute sessions for 20 weeks. They lost a few pounds, but that is not enough to help a fat person become thin. This is astounding because most studies show that intense exercise raises metabolism and helps people to lose a lot of weight.

To use exercise as your only source for weight loss, you have to exercise intensely enough to raise your body temperature, causing you to burn more calories for up to 18 hours and you need to do it at least five times a week. Swimming won't help most people to lose weight because they do it in water which conducts heat away from the body so efficiently that it prevents your body temperature from rising. Exercising on land at a pace that doesn't increase your rate and depth of breathing also limits your chances of losing weight.

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Checked 11/11/14

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