Exercise Helps You To Live Longer

The most recent report of the Harvard Alumni Study shows that exercise prevents disease and prolongs life. People who don't exercise should check with their doctors to see if there is a reason why they shouldn't exercise. Most should start a program of running, walking, biking, skating, dancing, swimming or any activity they would enjoy.

Start out by exercising at a slow pace until your muscles start to feel heavy or hurt and stop. Do this every day, but skip a workout when your muscles feel sore. Gradually work up to exercising slowly for 30 minutes. Your goal can be to exercise more intensely, but only up to twice a week and never when your muscles are sore. On your intense day, start out slowly and gradually increase the pace until it becomes uncomfortable and then slow down. Then increase your pace again and try to stay out for 30 minutes. Your weekly program should include one or two faster days, each followed by a day off or very slow workouts. The rest of the time just go easy.

IM Lee, RS Paffenbarger. Associations of light, moderate, and vigorous intensity physical activity with longevity - The Harvard Alumni Health Study. American Journal of Epidemiology, 2000, Vol 151, Iss 3, pp 293-299.

Checked 8/31/08

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