A Comfortable Bike Seat!

Cycling can make you miserable because you sit on a seat shaped like a banana, which presses on every nerve in your crotch and rubs your tender parts raw. We tried every new seat that came on the market, and two years ago we solved the problem with a seat called Halo Flex. It lets you support your weight on the bones in your buttocks, rather than on your crotch. The seat is short and wide instead of long and narrow. It's available in most bike stores or through Nashbar, 1-800-NASHBAR.

This week we tried a new seat that's even better! It's called "The SEAT". Our Halo Flex seats let you sit on your "sit bones", but they still have a protruding nose which rubs and presses a little. "The SEAT" completely eliminates that nose. It doesn't look like a bicycle seat at all. It takes a little getting used to, but Diana rode on it for five hours straight, and she loves it. No pain, no numbness, no chafing. It should be in bike shops soon, but right now you can go to their web site, www.ergo-theseat.com. Happy riding!

Checked 8/31/08

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