Athletic Supporters Not Needed During Exercise

Many men wear athletic supporters when they exercise because they think it helps to prevent hernias. It doesn't.

The testicles are held in place by skin called the scrotum, which does its job so well that additional support is not necessary. Sperm travels through a tube from the testicle to the groin, where it passes through a small hole in the muscular abdominal wall into the belly. A hernia occurs when the tissue around the hole is torn. Then intestine can pass through the hole, creating a bulge in the groin. Holding up the scrotum with an athletic supporter does nothing to prevent a tear in the abdominal wall. Once the belly wall is torn, it will never close by itself. Surgery is the only cure.

The only sports that require athletic supporters are those in which the testicle may be hit and twisted, such as diving into water. An athletic supporter holds the testicle closer to the body so that it is far less likely to twist and pinch off the blood supply.

Checked 8/31/08

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