Intense Training for Older People

Researchers at the University of Washington reported that intense exercise gets rid of fat primarily from the bellies of middle-aged men, while leisurely exercise does not. This is important news because storing fat primarily in your belly increases your risk for heart attacks. Fat cells in your belly are different from those in your hips. The blood that flows from belly fat goes directly to your liver, and the livers of those who store fat in their bellies are blocked from removing insulin so they have higher blood insulin and sugar levels that raise levels of the bad LDL cholesterol that causes heart attacks, and lower levels of the good HDL cholesterol that prevents heart attacks.

Before you start a program of cycling, running, tennis or anything else, realize that exercising intensely is far more likely to cause injuries than leisurely activity. Get a cardiogram to make sure that you re heathy. Then get in shape gradually by exercising at an easy pace three to six days a week for at least six weeks. Then can you start exercising more intensely, but never try to play hard tennis, run or cycle fast or exert yourself more often than every other day. Many older people need several days to recover from each intense workout because hard exercise damages muscles and you increase your chance of injury if you exercise again while your muscles are still sore. Exercise intensely on one day and at an easy pace until the soreness disappear.

Metabolism 1991(May);40(5):545-551

Checked 12/31/14

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