Anabolic Steroids-- Strength at a Cost

Athletes train to become stronger by lifting heavy weights on one day, feeling sore on the next day, and than not lifting heavy until the soreness disappears. Most people cannot lift very heavy weights more often than every five to 14 days. If you take testosterone, you recover much faster so you can do more work and build muscles faster.

Doctors in Australia monitored young men as they lifted weights and took synthetic male hormones to make themselves stronger. Sixty-one percent experienced markedly increased sexual desire, 48 percent became manic or depressed, 46 percent had their testicles shrink, 43 percent suffered from acne, 37 percent developed large breasts, and 62 percent had abnormal liver function tests.

The doctors discussed their abnormal tests with these otherwise healthy men. Only 19 percent said that they would not take male hormones in the future. On testosterone, they could lift very heavy every other day and were so enthralled with their huge muscles that they don't care how much they are harming themselves.

AJ OSullivan, MC Kennedy, JH Casey, RO Day, B Corrigan, AD Wodak. Anabolic-androgenic steroids: medical assessment of present, past and potential users. Medical Journal of Australia, 2000, Vol 173, Iss 6, pp 323-327 O'Sullivan AJ, St George Hosp, Dept Med, Belgrave St, Kogarah, NSW 2217, AUSTRALIA. They get steroids from friends (59%), gymnasiums (25%) and doctors (14%).

Checked 8/31/08

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