A Comfortable Bike Seat

  I cannot believe that anyone would want to ride on a banana-shaped bicycle seat when he or she could have a seat that is made for the sitz bones to exert no pressure on the center of the pelvis where the pudendal nerve travels toward the penis and clitoris. Seats that have a hole in the middle are worthless because the front part where the hole ends still presses on the pudendal nerves. Seats that are wide in the back allow a person to sit on the sitz bones and those that do not have any nose whatever do not press on the pudendal nerves. One such seat is called THE SEAT and is shaped like a rectangle with no nose, so there is no pressure on your crotch. Ask your bike store to order it, or get it at Amazon.com. 

Irwin Goldstein, professor of urology at the Boston University School of Medicine, claimed that 100,000 American men become impotent, some permanently, because they ride a bicycle. He explained that the seat presses on the pudendal nerves, crushes them and prevents messages from traveling along the nerves, causing impotence. He also claimed that "men should never ride bicycles. Riding should be banned and outlawed. It's the most irrational form of exercise I could ever bring to discussion." Several studies reported in September 2005 support Dr. Goldstein's position.

Diana and I spend hours each week riding a bicycle and admit that we used to suffer terribly for this privilege, but now we don't suffer any more. The sitz bones are located on each side where you sit. Your doctor calls them ischial tuberosities. They are made for sitting because they are two huge boney bumps that have no nerves in them. Muscles attach on them and are covered with fat to protect them when something presses on them. The nerve supply to the penis and clitoris comes from two nerves that travel above and below the ischial tuberosity sitz bones, so you don't want anything to press above or below the sitz bones to crush the nerves and cause impotence and lack of sexual response.


Bicycle seats are shaped like bananas because bicycle racers say they do not want any structure behind their legs. They believe that wide seats prevent them from extending their legs backward to achieve a full pedal stroke. Because many non-professional bicycle riders want to look like racers, bikes are equipped with banana-shaped seats and many people hate riding a bicycle because they lose feeling in their pelvis when they ride and men become impotent and women are so sore they have no interest in lovemaking. Seats designed with holes or splits, or seats with extra padding can make the problem worse by increasing pressure on the perineum. The seat recommended in the New York Times article has the noseless shape of The Seat. It may take a few days to get used to not having anything between your legs, but you'll love the lack of pain or numbness.

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Checked 2/11/16

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