Exercise Raises Growth Hormone Levels

You hear lots of advertisements for growth hormone releaser supplements. A study from London, England shows that a regular vigorous exercise program may be the best way to raise growth hormone levels.

As you age, blood levels of growth hormone drop. A 1990 study from the University of Wisconsin shows that growth hormone enlarges muscles. Since then equal numbers of studies support and refute that growth hormone increases muscles and decreases fat. Over-the-counter growth hormone releasers do not contain any growth hormone.

Eating anything raises blood levels of growth hormone temporarily. Eating protein raises it a little bit more. So any food can be sold as a growth hormone releaser. This study shows that exercise raises growth hormone levels more than and longer than eating does. So growth hormone releasers are any food, because all foods raise growth hormone levels, but you raise growth hormone levels higher with exercise than with eating.

We have no available dependable tests for aging. The commonly used tests to measure aging actually measure fitness. To reduce the effects of aging and improve all medical tests for aging, start a regular exercise program.

SJ Hurel, N Koppiker, J Newkirk, PR Close, M Miller, R Mardell, PJ Wood, P KendallTaylor. Relationship of physical exercise and ageing to growth hormone production. Clinical Endocrinology, 1999, Vol 51, Iss 6, pp 687-691. Address: Hurel SJ, Middlesex Hosp, Mortimer St, London W1N 8AA, ENGLAND

Checked 8/9/08

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