Recumbent Stationary Bikes

If you hate riding a stationary bicycle because the seat makes your behind hurt, try a recumbent bike instead.

When you ride a conventional stationary bicycle, you sit on a narrow bicycle seat because your legs have to reach around the seat down to the pedals. Your pudendal nerve in the pelvis can be pinched by the seat to cause numbness and pain in your crotch and genitals. When you sit on a recumbent bicycle that has the pedals at the same height as your pelvis, your legs are not separated by the seat so you don't need a narrow bicycle seat. You can sit on a seat shaped like a regular chair which is contoured to fit your back and is very comfortable. Even elderly people with poor coordination and weak muscles can benefit from regular exercise. Anyone who can sit in a chair should be able to use a recumbent stationary bicycle. See Best Exercise Choices for the Out-of-Shape

Checked 1/2/14

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