Nasal Dilators and Athletic Performance

A study in the journal from the American College of Sports Medicine shows that the nasal bands worn by many athletes do not help them to breathe in more oxygen or improve their endurance.

Nasal bands open stuffy noses of people who have allergies or a cold. They also help relieve the occasional snoring that is caused by a stuffy nose. You can demonstrate this when you have a cold. Push the end of your nose upward and backward to make the openings in your nose larger. However, the extra space is of little benefit to an athlete because they can't get enough oxygen through their noses when they exercise intensely. The two openings in your nose have less than one tenth the surface area of your throat, so that you have to take in most of your air through your mouth when you exercise intensely.

Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise March, 2001

Checked 8/9/08

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