Who Wins Bodybuilding Contests?

If you think that you win bodybuilding contests by taking food supplements and eating special diets, you've been reading too many magazines for bodybuilders. Champion body builders are born, not made; and exercising, not eating, enlarges muscles. Many bodybuilders also use steroids or other banned substances, even though they will deny that in public.

The best body builders have the largest muscles. How large your muscles can grow depends on the size of your bones and the ratio of the length of muscle to tendon. Large muscles attach on large bones. Muscles that are too strong for bones can break them when they contract forcibly. Many people have a calf muscle that ends half way down the back of the lower leg to become a tendon that extends to the bottom of the heel. That's why most people can never be champion bodybuilders. If your calf muscle extends from the back of your knee to your ankle, you have the potential to be a champion body builder.

Muscles enlarge only when you exercise them against progressively greater resistance. Many bodybuilders think that the more time that they spend in the gym, the larger their muscles will be. But you do not have to spend many hours lifting weights; it's quality time that counts. The greater the resistance, the larger your muscles become.

Checked 12/9/14

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