Drinks for Exercise

A report from the University of Iowa shows that when you exercise for more than an hour in hot weather, you need salt, water and calories. It doesn't make much difference how you get them.

Many sports drinks are advertised to contain the right concentration of minerals and sugar for exercise. However, Dr. Carl Gisolphi and others showed that fluids are absorbed from the intestines at a rate that depends little on the concentration of minerals or sugar in the drink. Many other studies show that temperature and carbonation don't matter either. So the best sports drinks are the ones that you will drink the most. That means the one that you like the best. Sports drinks are no better than water and salted peanuts or Coca Cola and potato chips. Any drink plus any food that contains salt is effective to maintain endurance and prevent heat exhaustion when you exercise for more than an hour on a hot day.

Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise June, 2001

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