People Lie about their Exercise

A study from the University of Florida in Gainesville shows that sedentary people don't have the foggiest idea of the meaning of exercise intensity.

Sedentary adults were asked how long and hard they went about their regular daily tasks. Then they were given exercise electrocardiograms to check how vigorously they could exercise. Most knew how long they were active, but most overestimated how active they were. Exercising regularly and vigorously prevents heart attacks. If you do not have a regular exercise program, you may benefit from getting an exercise electrocardiogram to show how much exercise you can tolerate. If you find you are in terrible shape, you could start a controlled exercise program in which you exercise a little harder on one day, feel sore on the next, go easy or take the days off until the soreness disappears and then try to exercise more actively again.

Can sedentary adults accurately recall the intensity of their physical activity? Preventive Medicine, 2001, Vol 33, Iss 1, pp 18-26. GE Duncan, SJ Sydeman, MG Perri, MC Limacher, AD Martin. Address: Duncan GE, Univ Florida, Coll Med, Box 100226 JHMHSC, Gainesville,FL 32610 USA

Checked 8/9/08

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