Stress and Recover

If you go out and do the same exercise every day and do not feel sore on the next day, you will not become stronger and faster or have greater endurance.

Improvement in exercising comes from stressing and recovering. You take a hard workout that causes your muscles to burn, which damages them. You feel sore the next day because of the damage and take easy workouts until the soreness disappears. Then you take another hard workout. Muscles are damaged by hard exercise and soreness is a sign of the damage. Then when the muscles heal, they are stronger than they were before the hard workout. If you take another hard workout before the soreness disappears, you place yourself at high risk for injury. So, no matter what your sport, take a hard workout that causes muscle soreness and on the next days, take easy workout or take off until the soreness goes away.

American College of Sportsmedicine May 27-30, 1987 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Med Sci in Sports and Exercise. abstracts number 209 (page S35), 216(page S36)

Checked 8/9/08

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