Tennis Elbow

A report from the Mayo Clinic shows that cortisone-type injections do not cure tennis elbow. If you have pain on the tendons attaching at your elbow, you may have tennis elbow, damage to these tendons. Place your hand and arm on the table with your palm facing up. If your elbow hurts when you try to raise your fist by bending you wrist, you probably have forehand tennis elbow. If the same maneuver hurts when your palm is down, you probably have backhand tennis elbow.

The odds are overwhelming that your orthopedist will try to inject cortisone-type drugs into that tendon, and you may feel better for a few weeks. However this study shows that at six months, it won't make any difference whether you received the injection or not. Cortisone gives you short term freedom from pain. Treatment is to strengthen the tendon by lifting very light and then progressively heavier weights.

An effective home treatment for tennis elbow

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Checked 8/9/08

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