Pronated Flat Feet

During World War II, you couldn't get into the army if you had flat feet. A recent study in the medical journal, Foot and Ankle International, shows that pronated flat feet don't cause any trouble.

During walking and running, you land on the outside of your foot near the fifth toe and roll inward towards the big toe. Most people with flat feet have normal arches. Their feet appear to be flat because they have flexible ankles that allow the foot to roll inward so far that their arches touch the ground.

Flat feet can help you run fast. Rolling inward more than other people causes your feet to hit the ground harder which pushes you forward faster. Since flat feet help you run faster and does not increase your risk for foot pain or injury, people with flat feet should not be treated with special inserts unless they have injuries or pain. If your flat feet bother you, check with a podiatrist. More on arches and running injuries

Arch height and lower limb pain: An adult civilian study. Foot & Ankle International, 2002, Vol 23, Iss 1, pp 43-47. MT Hogan, LT Staheli. Hogan MT, 1027 NE 72nd St, Seattle,WA 98115 USA

Checked 5/9/10

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