TV Viewing Causes Obesity

A study in the medical journal, Pubic Health Nutrition, shows that children, aged five to eleven, who watch television more that one hour a day are fatter than children who watch televison less often.

Bioelectric impedance showed that television watchers had the same amount of muscle. Vo2subMax breathing tests showed that they were as fit and that their hearts were as strong. Indirect calorimetry and 24-hour heart rate monitors showed that television watchers were as active and burned the same amount of calories each day. Computer tensiometry showed that they had the same muscle strength. A dietary history showed that television watchers eat the same amount and types of meals. The only different characteristics of children who watch a lot of televison are that they are fatter and have parents who have lower levels of education.

Is TV viewing an index of physical activity and fitness in overweight and normal weight children? Public Health Nutrition, 2001, Vol 4, Iss 6, pp 1245-1251. A Grund, H Krause, M Siewers, H Rieckert, MJ Muller. Muller MJ, Univ Kiel, Agrar & Ernahrungswissensch Fak, Abt Ernahrung Menschen, Inst Humanernahrung & Lebensmittelkunde, Dusternbrooker Weg 17-19, D-24105 Kiel, GERMANY

Checked 8/9/08

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